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Action Replay Code

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(For platinum)

Hi, I was wondering if someone could create a code for me for the following effects:

Cyndaquil, level 100, max EV's and IV's

Shiny, Wonderguard, bold nature, SID 1337

Kyogre, Level 100, Max EV and IV

Shiny, wonderguard, cool nature,SID 1

Tyranitar (Same as above) (SID 100000, brash nature)

Typhlosion (Same as above) (SID 42, calm nature)

Charizard ^^^^^^^^ (SID 12345, cool nature)

Lugia ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ (SID 8, brash nature)

I would like all these pokemon to have whatever the creator of the code deems the best moveset for them. Pokesav does not work on my computer, so my options are limited on what i can do T_T.... If anyone is able to do this, many thanks in advance. IF any more information is needed, please shoot me a private message. Thanks.

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