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PowerSaves destroyed my Pokemon X Game

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Ok guys, I just bought a new Pokemon X version to test the PowerSave, I tried to make some leftovers and backup the game, now the game is broke, (NO, not only the save) the entire game is destroyed now, the 3DS doesn't show the Game-Icon anymore and if I try to backup, PowerSave says there is no cartridge, it's like an empty cartridge now... is there anything I can do?..If not, I'm really pissed because the game is brand new.

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If cleaning the contacts didn't work, you most likely have a complete brick. It's a known issue that occurs from time to time. It is sporadic and is related to a miswrite of the save outside of it's normal boundaries. This can occur from bad server side commands (it seemed that there was an unusually high number of bricks related to a Wonder Card code that has since been taken down and fixed.) It can also occur related to disconnecting during the rewrite (intentional disconnects and unintentional disconnects that are usually related to faulty USB cords that we have seen.) Unfortuantely, there is not much you can do about it right now. The saves cannot be transferred to another cart.

You can try contacting Datel, but I do not think that they have been replacing any carts. Unfortunately with these kind of devices, there is usually a clause buried somewhere in their warranties and terms of use that absolves them of any potential damages related to the changing of game code (including saves.) I've not researched their legal docs for Powersaves, but I would not be surprised if that is in there somewhere. It's still worth e-mailing them and see what they tell you.

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I'm sorry to hear about that. I remember how my stomach dropped when I lost my save file due to a Powersaves issue, so I can't imagine what I'd feel like if I bricked my entire game.

My advice is to keep the cart, just in case something comes up. Can't hurt. I doubt Datel will do anything about your issue but it doesn't hurt to try, and to keep the cart just in case they do decide to help you out. That game is expensive!

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