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PPSE: Project Pokemon's Save Editor 0.05


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What happened to this project? It hasn't been updated in forever, and I'd like to see HGSS save editing on here because editing with the latest version of Pokesav for HGSS doesn't help me that much, even when I use that Applocale thing with it (that doesn't work at all because of Japanese characters becoming question marks or not appearing at all after saving the changes to the sav file).

If there hasn't been an update in a while, it means they are probably working on it and trying to make it the best it can be. Do you want a buggy program fast or one that you have to wait for that is perfect?

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I understand the need for time to program something, and I know something like this takes time, especially as it is coming out of someone's free time. Still, posting an update on how things are going shouldn't be too much to ask. I am not talking about doing it every day, but once a week maybe? Just to keep everyone in the loop.

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