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Pokesav Platinum problem?

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Sorry if this isn't in the proper section @_@

Ok the problem is:

I made the code, in this case, an Aerodactyl in Box 1, Slot 1.

Put it into my AceKard2i's cheat.dat file, start it up, L+R, activate's it,

but after that, when i try saving, it says "Save Error"

On all codes I try for platinum, i've also tryed getting another pokesav/another save for platinum, but it still happens.

Any idea's @_@?

Oh and sorry if this as been posted/asked before.


94000130 FCFF0000

B2101D40 00000000

E000CF44 00000088

EB791CFE ACD60000

DC94397A 88E3360F

0819E39D 3E3D4123

DF97A6A7 89F10BCE


77C93397 4AA6CFAB

711A7734 9EB57A23


51EC8008 6B7504F6

CD326F25 45BF1621

57592CB4 4018C8D5

FA3543CC ABE382F5

364CBC9C 1BEB7346

3B3B3689 86A7CA41

20D5330F EABF2A2A

AE3741BA 63CE0B67

DE2E31A3 A56931D3

D2000000 00000000

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