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forums Signature Problems?

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I seem to be having a major issue seeing signatures in spoilers. They just simply cut off! This includes my own, and users like 'Dimi'. I've truncated my signature several times, thinking that was the problem, but nothin.

Anyone else having this problem? :confused::confused::confused:

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Toffeuy: That is exactly the problem I am having.

telos: Failed. Didn't do it for me, like, the spoiler box is cut off before I even open it. :confused:

Your signature exceeds the limit. No matter what is in it, it can only be a certain size. After the limit is exceeded, the signature is simply cut off.

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Naru-chu is exactly right.

You don't need a signature bigger than the limit. I think the limit itself is actually too big. If you have a bunch of stuff you insist on showing off, I'm pretty sure the full version of your sig is still shown in your profile page.

But you really don't need to put more than one thing in your signature anyway.

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