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trading [Search] Arceus Eigakan 07/05


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Hello, i'm searching Arceus Eigakan from the pre-movie (right word?) july 5.

I have some events (and i think some of them aren't on the site) and shiny's.

My CF 0045 0032 7602

--- Events (that don't are on the site) ---


Zigzagoon lvl 5 Legit : common GBA Event

Skitty lvl 5 Legit : common GBA Event

Swablu lvl 5 Legit : common GBA Event


Blissey Daisuke Club lvl 30

Milotic Daisuke Club lvl 28

Heracross Daisuke Club lvl 38

Regigigas Movie 8 Legit : Mystery gift

Regirock Hadou Legit : unknow GBA type (?)

Regice Hadou Legit : unknow GBA type (?)

Registeel Hadou Legit : common GBA Event

--- Shiney ---

Eevee lvl 1 Legit : Hatched

Chikorita lvl 1 Legit : Hatched

Cyndaquil lvl 1 Legit : Hatched

Totodile lvl 1 Legit : Hatched

Charmander lvl 1 Legit : Hatched

Don't know if these pokemons shiny are OK or not, people give them to me.


I live in France so may be i will not be connected at the same time of you :)

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