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Help With Adding Static Front Trainer Sprites to BW2


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Okay refine my original post, does anyone know an easier way to make the Trainer Sprites in BW2 become Static? I heard that one was was to do it through ASM hacking and change the system for the sprites to be static, but I also seen that someone was able to import the Missingno animation files to the selected Trainer's animation files. I been trying to tackle this the entire evening last night and all day today and I don't seem to be getting much progress. At the same time, trying to learn how to add more Trainers without replacing existing ones, but I'll get to that later, right now I just wanna learn how to add static sprites with ease, since RubyCarbuncle was able to pull off for most of his Custom Trainer Battle Hack videos in BW2, I wanna know how he did it.

The sooner I can learn how to do this, the better so I can move onto the next part of hacking BW2.

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Okay I'm gonna be honest, I'm bumping this because I find it hard to believe that I just want help with something as 'simple' as sprite replacement in BW2, yet no one on here who knows how to do it, can't really tell me what to do.

I know I heard if you replace a Trainer's animation file with Missingno's animation file then it would work, mind you it is a .bin file, I tried 6-7 times, packing the files in again cuz I do this editing now in Tinke, save out the new ROM, I go to test it, the Trainer's sprite STILL animates. Even did all that, and just open up the ROM that was saved out cuz I know thats the edited one, the information for that Trainer's Animation goes back to before it was replaced, meaning I look using the Hex tool that Tinke has, Missing now has like 0x60 bytes of data, Trainers tend to have a list with the animation stuff at the bottom. I replace and replace it repeatedly, NOTHING HAPPENS.

I want to refrain from being like this but seriously, please, for the love of God, WHAT IN GODS CREATION DO I DO!?

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