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Pokémon Nickname Suggestions!


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I'm going to play through Pokémon HeartGold again and I'm currently working on my team(with Action Replay), and I would like nickname suggestions for the following Pokémon:






Thanks in advance!

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  1. Venusaur
    -> It is able to convert sunlight into energy. As a result, it is more powerful in the summertime.
    = Flower of Summer
    Best searches:
    Natsuki (F) (Summer Hope - Japanese) [Natsuki used Petal Dance!]
    Theros (M) (Summer - Greek) [Theros used Frenzy Plant!]
  2. Metagross
    -> It folds its four legs when flying. Its four brains are said to be superior to a supercomputer.
    -> When hunting, this Pokémon pins the prey to the ground under its massive body. It then eats the helpless victim using the large mouth on its stomach.
    = Smart + cunning/vicious
    Best Searches:
    Achida (Smart Brother - Hebrew) [Achida used Meteor Mash!]
    Cyning (Royal - English) [Cyning used Psychic!]
    PS: I don't get how Smart + Cunning became Cyning,
    But I personally like it because it feels like Cyborg + Cunning ><
  3. Electivire
    -> Heedless of enemy attacks, it closes in, shoves its tails onto the foe, then looses high voltage.
    = Brave and bright
    Best searches:
    Adalard (Brave - German) [Adalard used Thunderpunch!]
    Devlin (Brave and Fierce - Irish) [Devlin used Discharge!]
  4. Salamence
    ->By evolving into Salamence, this Pokémon finally realizes its long-held dream of growing wings. To express its joy, it flies and wheels all over the sky while spouting flames from its mouth.
    = strong willed + fiery
    Best Searches:
    Aindreas (Strong/Manly - Scottish)
    Chasin (Strong - Hebrew)
    Drud (Strong - German) [Drud used Dragon Claw!]
    Drudwyn (Mythical Mabons dog - Celtic/Irish) [Drudwyn used Outrage!]

Hope this.. helps xD

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