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replacing the battery questions

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i'm thinking if i can find one slim enough the overall Easist solution would be a button cell clip that holds a CR2032 for easy down the future line battery maintenance as opposed to having the prongs desodered and pried off the old battery, get the new one have it spot welded(risking damage to the battery) and sodering back on everything risking even more damage i realise if i want to simply play Silver w/o dealing w/ the battery fiasco, just snag Soul silver for the DS but i didnt spend $$ on getting a GBC and on this cart to simply say "screw it lets go next-gen!"

as for clips these look about the same in size and by teh scale of the preview's its hard to tell how big they are.




if the clip idea is feasable, anyone know of one thats thin and small enough to fit inside the cart?

as for the GBC itself it needs some tender care but its working w/ pokemon TCG (TCG's inside the GBC when i took this.)



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