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Fan fiction: Post your pokemon stories! Comment on others too

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Ok, now I figured, writing is great but not just facts lets have fiction! So I figured we are creative right so lets have a thread for it I don't see why not. Plus I really wanted to post a story too so I made this thread. Hope to read all your stories and I hoped you liked mine!


"Now put her in the chamber!" said Deven

"Yes sir," said a hacker

The poor little eevee was inserted in the chamber helpless. She was a level one eevee and she only knew one move, tackle. She had no idea what was happening to her and now her world was upside down.

"Enter in the commands!" said Deven.

"Yes sir," said another hacker. :Author's note: Hackers are basic minions:

The commands were entered and Deven pressed the green button and a glowing golden light lit up the room causing everyone to look away and shut their eyes. When they looked back the eevee was gone and in its place was a level 100 tyranitar looming over them. It knew 4 moves: aura sphere, judgement, shadow force, and hyper beam.

"Sir, it worked the new pokemon altering program worked!" said a hacker.

"Excellent! Bring out all of our other useless pokemon all of them! We are going to make an army of powerful pokemon and nothing will stand in our way" said Deven.

"Sir, why dont we just make the pokemon we seek" said a hacker.

"Because fool we can't enter it into our database for it has never been caught or been properly cataloged in any pokemon database." said Deven.

"Well then what will be next sir?" asked a hacker.

"How about a gyarados" said Deven.

"Coming right up sir" said a hacker.

"Soon, team pokesav, will get the pokemon we seek and the altering of pokemon will not be the limits. We will be able to change the world! The fabric of time and space! We will be able to make alternate worlds and new worlds. This pokemon will bring us limitless power all we have to do is have the power to obtain it" muttered Deven to himself.

Chapter 1:

Anthony ran out of the house pokeball in hand. He was so excited ever since he had been told that he would start his journey soon. Now today was the day. Him and his brother, a pokemon breeder, had been carefully breeding a starter for him. Today he had been given it. It was a level 5 drifloon cute and adorable. He had a map, pokeballs, potions, remedies, a journal, a pokedex, and his pokemon and he was setting out for the city of Remoro. It was way up north of his town and it was past the Pokewoods. These woods were chock full of rare pokemon and anthony hoped to catch some on his way to the city.

He waved good bye to his family and headed off. Upon entering the forest he saw many bug and grass type pokemon frolicking about amongst the high grasses and flowers. Since he had just moved from the sinnoh region he was eager to see all of the new pokemon here. A nice scientist had given him a pokedex for this region. There were tons of new pokemon to discover and interact with. He was hoping to fill many pages in his pokedex when making his way through the forest.

Anthony came across a path which was overgrown with high grass. Anthony knew that wild pokemon lived in these high grasses so he hoped that he and his drifloon would be ok. He walked about 2 yards before he encountered a small bug type pokemon. It looked up at him calmly. Anthony decided that to bond with his drifloon he should have him float beside him taking the journey with him.

"Drifloon come on out!" said Anthony.

Throwing his pokeball drifloon appeared and how happy anthony was to see his drifloon. Anthony then looked back at the bug pokemon but it had vanished. So Anthony kept walking with drifloon floating by his side. Anthony was constantly encountering these bug pokemon and they all looked like the one he had seen earlier. He saw them, gathering food and carrying it, flying above the grasses, and building nests. One of them talked to him however Anthony was not to good at talking to pokemon and all he heard was Antim the pokemon's name.

He kept on walking and then he saw a little tiny mouse or so it appeared to be. It looked at him and then darted toward him at an amazing speed.

"Aaah!" screamed anthony.

The mouse swung its tail whipping anthony in the face.

"Youch! Drifloon stop that crazy creature by using hypnosis!" said Anthony.

Drifloon used hypnosis and put the mouse to sleep. Anthony picked it up and immediately decided to catch it.

"Go pokeball!" said Anthony throwing a pokeball.

The mouse pokemon was caught. Anthony could hear it snoring from inside the pokeball.

"Miiiiiiiiichu....Miiiiiiiiiiichu......Michu....." snored michu.

Anthony continued walking with drifloon adding information on pokemon to his pokedex as much as possible.

Chapter 2: coming soon

Hope you liked it! Please comment or post your own story!

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forgot the end spoiler

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dude intense well now for my story

chapter 1

a calm peaceful day then ZAPa sheldon started to fall off a cliff then when all hope was lost for this pore pokemon wham a Luxio Tackled him they landed in a cave the sheldon said "what was that for " them the luxio said"you welcome i just saved you live but it's not over yet "he looked ahead they know that they had to go though the sheldon was badly hurt and in pain they started walking they fought lots of water types it scared the sheldon after a long time they saw a light the sheldon was so happy he started to cry but the luxio yelled "get back" then a large Arcanine slammed down they were tiered but just 1 really strong but them the sheldon thought about something then stared to attack wham 6 hits it was down thay had make it they walked in to a field

chapter 2 coming soon spoiler alert

the luxio has a fiancee

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I'm just a regular writer. I can't write fanfics to save my life...I tried back when I was 13 and got humiliated out from fanfiction.net....I was a creative sort of writer, but people saw it was humorous that I wasn't a very good writer and so I got flamed a lot.

Things have changed! *laughs* I only get positive critique now!

Anyways, if anyone would like to read any of my works....the link's in my profile.

Also, friends and I are in the middle of re-creating and redefining our pokemon characters, so maybe someday a story will come of it :)

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Great the both of you now for my chapter 2

Chapter 2:

As they journeyed through the forest they saw many new pokemon that had never been researched on before. These included a antim, puppy, mini puppy, and a boobeary. (boo-beary) They also saw some old ones like: buneary, starly, shinx, pachirisu, wurmple,budew, pikachu, and some beautifly. Anthony recorded all of these into his pokedex. Anthony rarely had to battle anyone until he came across a not so nice Luxray.

"Luxray!" said Luxray.

"Oh great now we are in for it" said Anthony.

"Dont worry master I can take him" said Drifloon.

"Flooon!" said Drifloon

"Ray?" puzzled Luxray.

"Ue hypnosis now!" said Anthony.

"Floooon!" cried Drifloon using hypnosis.

"Luxray luxray" said Luxray dodging the attack easily.

"Drifloon use gust!" said Anthony.

"Flooon!" said Drifloon using gust.

"Luuuuuuxraaaaaaaaaaaaay" said Luxray using thunderbolt.

"Drifloon dodge it" said Anthony.

However, it was to late drifloon was hit and it fainted.

"Oh no! dont worry drifloon I'll heal you in just a second" said Anthony "Michu come on out!" said Anthony.

"Michu michu" said Michu.

"Michu use quick attack" said Anthony.

"Miiichu" cried michu lunging at luxray.

"Luuuuuxray!" cried luxray using iron tail and slapping back michu.

"miiichu..." muttered michu in pain.

"Aaah dont hurt me! Or my pokemon" screamed Anthony.

Suddenly out of no where two men dressed in red and yellow suits jumped from the bushes. They pointed two guns at luxray and they pulled the trigger. However, instead of bullets pokeballs were shot at him. Then anthony saw the two men behind luxray doing the same thing. The pokeballs merged together to create a big pokeball that captured Luxray.

"Good work men" said a voice from behind Anthony.

"Who are you guys?" asked Anthony turning around to face the person behind him.

"Who are we? Well we are agents that work for a special organization called Project Pokemon" said the man.

"Oh, so then what does Project Pokemon do?" asked Anthony.

"Well we have dedicated ourselves to study the new pokemon and plant life of this region. This luxray here was disturbing the atmosphere of the forest for it was an unprovoked attack. We will move it to a bet home. We are also protecting these pokemon habitats and the pokemon within it. In a way we are also enemies of another corporation called team pokesav. That organization genetically alters pokemon to create new more powerful ones. It is horrible to see such science used for evil purposes. Plus the pokemon there are badly mistreated." said the man.

"Well who are you?" asked Anthony.

"Me? Oh I am commander Fenzo. I am one of the many commanders that run Project pokemon. We have no sole leader we just have a group of commanders who share well command." said Fenzo.

"Oh ok, I've been traveling through this forest and I've encountered these pokemon so far" said Anthony showing fenzo his pokedex.

"Hmmmm...a pokedex. Old fashion, you need a new device that Project pokemon or PP has developed themselves. It is a pokedex 2.0 far better then the average pokedex. It can automatically find a pokemon's moves, contain more information, memorize the sound of a pokemon, rmember where the highest number of a certain pokemon was found too, and it creates a map based on where you have been so far. It is a wonderful thing here you go. You can become a mini agent working for us. All those old professors that used to be geniuses the top minds in their fields. They now work for us. You too can work for us. All you have to do is accept this pokedex 2.0." said Fenzo.

"I accept" said Anthony.

"Well then, we will be on our way. Good luck young trainer. Keep in contact with us using the pokedex. It acts as a communicator that links to our HQ in CirrosCity. That is where our HQ is located. We have operators at HQ standing by waiting for the calls of PP rangers using their pokedex. I hope to stay in contact good bye!" said Fenzo riding off on a motor bike with the other angents.

"Good bye!" said Anthony.

hmm...I have been entrusted with a fabulous device. I must use it wisely. Thought anthony to himself

Chapter 3 coming soon!

Hope you liked it: comment or post your own stories, or both!

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Cool! I'm loving that I'm not the only writer here!

Chapter 3

Anthony wandered through the woods looking for more pokemon. he really wanted to catch something other then a Michu. He was going to really have to train it if he wanted it to be good. Michu was sleeping again so he couldn't count on it for a battle. Luckily though, he had revived drifloon so they were ready to go. Anthony walked around in the forest for a while trying to find his way. He was not sure where he was going but he was hoping that if he just kept mapping the area with his pokedex 2.0 he would eventually find his way.

"What are you doing?" asked Drifloon.

"Wandering about hoping to find the way out" said Anthony.

"Shouldn't you be filling your pokedex 2.0? If you are lost why not research and if you become friends with a pokemon they might show you the way," said Drifloon.

"hmmmm...good idea!" said Anthony.

"I'm only here to serve you" said Drifloon.

"You know we have to become friends at some point" said Anthony.

"I know I know, it will strengthen our bond and make us stronger in battle. I've heard that before from your brother. I just dont know about it" said Drifloon.

"Do you see all those chingling up ahead?" asked Anthony.

"yes i do" said Drifloon.

"They look upset" said Anthony.

"Lets go check it out" said Drifloon.

Anthony and drifloon found their way over to the line of chingling. They were walking single file through the forest with sad expressions on their faces. Some of them looked worried, and still others looked scared. Drifloon wondered what was going on just like anthony.

"Floon, loon floon" said Drifloon to a nearby chingling.

"Ching ching linga ling ling" said Chingling

"Floon!" said Drifloon in shock.

"They are in danger! A group of tyranitars attacked their nesting grounds and they were forced to flee to the far west part of the forest!" said Drifloon.

"That is horrible!" said Anthony

"I know lets see if they know where we are and where they are going" said Drifloon.

"Floon loon drifloon floon?" asked Drifloon.

"Chingching chingling!" said Chingling.

"Drifloon? Loon loon?" asked Drifloon

"Ching" said Chingling

"We are in the far east part of the forest. The exit is in the far north west corner. Also they are going to a nesting ground which is controlled by their evolution chimeechoes however, it is in the trees and the chinglings are worried." said Drifloon.

"Maybe we can help them get their land back?" said Anthony.

"Maybe" said drifloon.

"Floon loon?" asked Drifloon.

"Chinga chinga?" puzzled Chingling

"Drifloon!" said Drifloon.

"Chingling" said Chingling

"Chingling" said another chingling

"Chingling ling ling" said yet another chingling

"Do you here that all of them have started singing! There are so many possibly over 100" said Drifloon.

"Those must have been powerful tyranitars" said Anthony.

"We can do it though" said Drifloon.

"Alright chinglings! Find a safe place to stay and you do you mind working with me?" shouted Anthony to all the chinglings

"No sir" said the chingling anthony had addressed.

So anthony, drifloon, chingling, and michu marched off in the direction of the old chingling nests fighting pokemon on the way training and training so that they could beat the tyranitars that threatened the chinglings.

I hoped you liked it please comment and post your own stories.

Chapter 4 coming soon!

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the sheldon basked in the glories sun light the l little Shinx with a flower in he ear she said "hey dave who's this?", with an angry voice dane said "it's just a sheldon"the Shinx grunted and said "you know i don't like you bring pokemon that have a type advantage over us"she stared at dave the sheldon looked puzzled than dave said"come with me i will get you a place to sleep "when they got to Dave's tent the sheldon asked "who was that "dave replied "that is my wife to be"dun dun dun yelled some random Shinx


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Cool conflict in a story!

Chapter 4:

The chingling with them showed them the old nesting place of the chinglings. Anthony was in shock. The careful nests were trampled, food squashed, and all resemblance of the chinglings was gone. The tyranitars had made short work of the nests and thus the lives of the chinglings were uprooted. Anthony had battled a lot to get here so chingling, michu, and drifloon were all far more powerful then before.

"We shouldn't be here it isn't safe!" said Chingling

"Why?" asked Anthony.

"I can sense the presence of the beasts that drove us off!" said Chingling.

"I smell them!" said Michu.

"That is because they are right here" said a man stepping from the shadows.

Then from behind a group of trees stepped 3 more men. They were dressed in black all of them. They had their hair spiked up and they all wore a pokeball belt around their waste. Then another person stepped from the trees.

She wore all white and her hair was short it hung around down to her shoulders. She had sparkling blue eyes which went with her light brown hair. She wore white pants and a white jogging shirt and a sparkling diamond necklace.

"My name is commander Chloe and I work with Team Pokesav!" said Commander Chloe.

"So this is your handiwork!" said Anthony.

"Yes! I had my team, use their tyranitars to drive those pathetic chinglings off. They were being carefully monitored and if needed more tyranitars would drive them into a secure location. Then we would use our mass capturing devices to capture them all for our little project." said Chloe.

"Then why are you still here?" asked Anthony.

"To make sure that the chinglings didn't flee home hoping the tyranitars were gone," said Chloe.

"Well we are going to remove you!" said Anthony.

"Destroy him men!" said Chloe.

The four men standing beside chloe through the pokeballs attached to their belts and out popped tyranitars.

"Chingling!" said Chingling.

"Oh no they are all level 30s!" said Anthony.

"Yes I know truly pathetic but my team hasn't done much so they didn't get the good ones" said Chloe.

"Yikes!" said Anthony.

"Alright what is our move boss?" asked Drifloon.

"Hypnosis now drifloon on all of them" said Anthony.

"Flooooon!" cried drifloon.

"Great they were too slow to dodge it." said Anthony.

"Michu?" asked michu.

"Of course, now michu use energy tail and make the smack big!" said Anthony.

"Miiiiiichu!" cried michu summoning a blast of power that knocked out one of the tyranitars.

"Now use dream eater drifloon!" said Anthony.

"Floon!" said Drifloon eating the dreams of one tyranitar.

"Now for the big finish. Chingling summon all your strength and pick up the remaining two tyranitars with confusion and throw them at the other two tyranitars on the ground!" said Anthony.

"Ching ching ching Liiiiiiiiiiing" screamed chingling exerting all of its strength and throwing the two tyranitars.

"Impossible you beat my goons. No matter though you wont beat me!" said Chloe. "Go griefen, tyranitar, and eaglelis"

Three very frightening pokemon rolled out of their balls. Tyranitar level 40, Griefen level 35, and eaglesis level 37.

"We are so in trouble" said Anthony.

Chapter 5: show down with the commander: coming soon!

Hope you liked it and please comment and post your own stories.

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