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Shiny Event Jirachi HELP


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I'd really like some help with this on how to make it.

So far I've been making pokegened pokemon and transferring them to XY through pokebank.

But whenever I try to make a Wonder Card pokemon it just doesn't work...

I'm trying to make this:

- Jirachi

- Modest / Timid

- 31 ivs in everything

- Shiny

- Transfer move 'Stealth rocks'


This is what I've been putting:


Name: Jirachi

Nickname: Jirachi\FFFF\0000\0000\FFFF

Level 100

Nature: Timid

Happiness: 255

Ability: Serene Grace (1)

Country: US

Origin: Soul Silver

Shiny: YES


Game: Black 2 / White 2

Location: Poketransfer

Ball: Cherish Ball

Level: 5

Date: 26 June 2010

Encounter: Egg/Palpark/Event

Fateful Encounter: YES


All 31 ivs with 510 total ev's


All appropriate attacks that Jirachi Learns


(This is where I think I'm having issues)

Gender: Male/Female???

ID: 06260

Secret ID: ??? Do I put my secret ID or another one? Leave it blank?

OT: SMR2010 (ok so this is what I'm having big issues with)

For the trash bugs code it's 8-(the number of characters in name)-2

sooo: 8-7-2= (-1)

The most it will let me put is "\FFFF"

What do you put if you have a negative number??? HELP! :'C

and lastly:

Ribbon: Classic Ribbon


and that's it, I need this pokemon legit so I can transfer it through bank but I just can't make a wonder card poke that will go through.

Any tips will help! Thanks so much!

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