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What version are you buying?

What version will you buy?  

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  1. 1. What version will you buy?

    • Heart Gold
    • Soul Silver
    • None

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Ill be getting soul silver, the name sounds cooler and lugia is 1 of my faves, heart gold sounds a bit cheesy and ho-oh blow-ohs.

id be interested to know what versions people will be buying.

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For my "import" =P I will be obtaining HeartGold, but once the games come stateside I will be buying SoulSilver. I may buy HeartGold too just to support Johto and to have both games just like I did like 10 years ago, I'll just have to wait and see.

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Oh, Soul Silver, I'm all over that. For that exact same reasons as you, oddly enough; Soul Silver sounds better and I prefer Lugia over Ho-oh. Ho-oh just looks... weird. Like crazy, child molester weird.

Grah...I totally knew it was gonna end up like this...

Why do people hate Ho-oh so much? I mean really..not saying you can't prefer him over Lugia, but to go so far as to call him crazy, child molester weird..

Is it because of the name "HeartGold"? Or because you grew up with Lugia?

Can someone PLEASE tell me? I'm dying to know why >_<

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I want Heart Gold because of Kyogre, but I want Soul Silver because of the better mascot and box art.

Ah, who am I kidding? I already have a modest Kyogre in Pokemon Platinum.

Soul Silver it is!

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