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Problems with: "Secret Key" and NationalDex (Platinum GER)

Fist Omega

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Hey folks, this is Fist Omega!

I've got the German Version of Pokemon Platinum and 2 problems with Pokesav Platinum:

The first one is relating to the "Secret Key" for the 5 different Rotom-forms in that Team Galactic Base. I've added the "Secret Key" to my Key Items, and it is visible, but I can't use it. Whenever I stay there in front of that wall in the Galactic Base in Eterna City pressing the A-Button the whole time, nothing happens.

I hope it won't be the same with "Azure Flute" and "Oak's letter"...

The other problem is relating to the NationalDex:

There are 2 Pokemons I've to see before getting the NationalDex; Hippopotas and Medicham. I thought of creating these 2 Pokemons in my storage so I would also have there Pokedex-Entrys, but somehow it doesn't work, although I've got those 2 Pokemons in my storage and can use them..what can I do?

Hope somebody can help,

Fist Omega

EDIT: The Item "Oak's Letter" doesn't work either...pls help!

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