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5 hours ago, Nickendo1994 said:

Any improvements? Not sure if it's the same Pokemon editor on the DS that I found, but it still doesn't support Pokemon Black and White. It works on Heart Gold though so there must have been some work since this forum was made.


That's the newest version that I could find.

This program is no longer in development and hasn't been for some years

Consider using PKHeX to edit your save files 

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Hi, guys, I would like to ask help for something.

We know the most recent software is PKHex, for 3ds, but as I cannot unblock my Nintendo 3ds and I still use Pokégen (I have an original cartridge of Black 2 and a Black Save in a R4 card, from which I transfer the edited Pokémon to the original one).

Unfortunately, the pkmdb website was descontinued, I am not finding in anywhere the files for Pokégen from this time.

Does someone here still have the pokémon database from Pokégen (the .pkm files) to send me?


Since now, thanks

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