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idea Pokémon Omicron

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Pokémon Omicron

Well, this is my first GBA ROM hack, for sure. I'm still a newbie in ROM hacking, so I need help from everyone (who can help me).

Now, no more speech, let's get to the intro.

So, years after Ghetsis was defeated by Nate, the player (obviously you), a Sacro Town resident, finally get to the day where he/she gets his/her first new Pokémon, which you can choose from Chikorita, Squirtle, and Torchic. Currently, the Schiro Region is being threated by the presence of Team Electro.

Team Electro is an obviously evil organisation, who will do anything for money. Their plan are always boring and always the same, but amazing, to invade the Schiro Region. Their first step is to get into as many trainer as possible, use them to beat another trainer, and when the time is right, Team Electro will invade the region in a flash! So, it's your time to get up and beat Team Electro!

I'm still working on the storyline, so just wait.

Here, at this point, I need your help. These are the positions I offer to you. Choose any of them here.

  1. Tile maker (I really need someone for this position!)
  2. Scripter (Actually I can do some of them, but to faster the hacking process, I need someone else to help me.)
  3. Box art, banner, title screen designer.
  4. Creative story maker (I will mix his/her story with mine :D )
  5. Map designer
  6. Music composer (Who will make some of the music while I'll make more)

I have did some of the hackings. I'll show you some later.

Thanks for reading!

EDIT : I forgot to tell that the Base ROM will be Pokémon Fire Red.

Oh yeah, I just realized this after searching for some hacks to play. There's already a hack called Pokémon Omicron. So, I'm searching for another name now, and I'll change it ASAP.

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