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Need a few .pkmn files

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hey guys i need a few .pkmn files please


Dragonair and Dragonite

i cant use the ones on the site because they are too low level or too high leveled

basically i need a dragonair that is between level 45-55

a dragonite that is level 55-56

or a gengar between 40-55

they have to be legit/legal, i dont want over powered pokemon :\

thanks for the help guys

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if you meen the battle stat then thats not entirely right, since the pokemon are inside a box their battle stats are automaticly adjust to their level, but if you meen the other stats (such as IV and EV) then just make them a little lower/higher although i dont think that they actually lose/gain that much IV, EV if not trained correctly, so it dosnt make that much diffrents.

P.S: if you do whant them to have the exact IV and EV you think they should have at that level, then i can think of only 1 way to get to thos stats, and thats by training them from level 1 to the level you whanted.

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