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Pokemon Bank Removed from 3DS Shop....


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So Serebii is reporting that Pokemon Bank / Transporter has been removed from the Japanese EShop and that they're unsure of whether or not it will return and be released in the Western Eshops.

Link to the news: http://serebii.net/index2.shtml[/url][/b]

Hm... Well, it has to be released or else they've basically ruined the 6th Gen. Not every Japanese/Korean player managed to upload their previous gen pokemon so I wonder what Nintendo are going to do about this. Thousands of players will not be able to access the previous gen pokemon and will take a long time for people to breed and trade every pokemon. So.....:mad:

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Wait what? I probably should have gotten it yesterday when I had the chance to (I am South Korean). I was going to hold it off until 1 Jan because free trial only lasts until 31 Jan. I'm checking this out right now.

EDIT: It is lagging like crazy, but I am able to download it apparently (this is Korean eShop). It is not too useful for me as I do not have a Korean version of Pokemon BW/B2W2 yet (I'm planning on getting one soon to take advantage of this).

I think this is a "countermeasure" to the complaints that Pokebank did not stop hacked Pokemon from coming in. Not to mention Battle Spot is ridiculous right now (I don't want to fight another team of Terrakion / kamis / Latitwins with perfect stats everywhere, Megamoms with Wish + Seismic Toss, etc...). Maybe they are updating something before things get out of hand. I'm unsure.

Connecting is a total pain. Constantly getting Error Code 005-4222...

EDIT2: According to Serebii:

Pokémon Bank - eShop Removal & Delay

Nintendo have announced that they have temporarily removed Pokémon Bank from the Nintendo 3DS eShop. This is following hte massive influx of users on both Nintendo 3DS and Wii U coming on Christmas, plus the addition of Pokémon Bank causing the Nintendo Network to drive to a halt. This means users cannot download it anymore and currently cannot access the features of the game.. It is currently unclear when Pokémon Bank and Poké Transporter will return, or if the western release is delayed. They have made it clear that the 30 day trial for previously registered users will restart when it returns.

Edit @ 13:14: Pokémon Bank is now listed with a release of TBD (To Be Decided) on the North American and European eShops. We'll bring details on this as soon as we can

Hmmm... oh my. This puts those Japanese legendary spammers at a huge advantage. I'll be willing to trade my salvaged starters at the moment, and they are great bargaining chips for other Pokemon unavailable at the moment, so I can at least try to breed those and help complete other people's dexes if required.

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It is lagging like crazy, but I am able to download it apparently (this is Korean eShop). It is not too useful for me as I do not have a Korean version of Pokemon BW/B2W2 yet (I'm planning on getting one soon to take advantage of this).

PokeTransporter is region-free, so you should be able to use your existing Gen V carts.

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The reason for the release being so much after the release of the game? Wouldn't you rather have the game a few months ago instead of waiting until now? It takes time to perfect the online service; there's no point in delaying the game when the service isn't ready.

And the delay now? It takes money and resources to host online services. Nintendo isn't going to invest more money in servers than they expect to be in use. In this case, they must have underestimated how much traffic they would experience.

So sit back, relax, do something besides complain about the unexpected delay. Watch TV, play with your current Pokémon, find another game, etc.

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Actually, no. No I didn't. So it seems all the online services are screwed up at the current moment?

Regardless of what I said, I just think/hope that the big manufacturers lessen the problems that come with the massive influx of users during holiday seasons in the future, though I'm sure it's not a problem that will be solved easily.

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PSN and Steam were down too, but they also have been up again since like at least half a day ago.

Of course, I don't actually know the inner workings at Nintendo, so it's possible that the issues are far worse than we think, possibly worse than the issues Sony and Valve had.

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The only problem is they released it right on Christmas where traffic would be naturally high. They did say the problem here is traffic. Anyways, it's easy to wait for it and it is not quite a big deal. If it went down when it was only released in Japan, could you imagine how much more intensive it would get when it gets globally released? Better to delay it than to have massive complaints worldwide about "Z0M6 Y U NO WORK POGEYBANQ????!!!oneoneon11111" But it seems nobody is satisfied anyways and say "MAI XMAS IZ R000IND BCUZ NO BANQ!!". Heh, can't satisfy people in any situation.

My only gripe about the Bank system is how easy hacked Pokemon are able to come in and how it puts some Japanese players on a massive advantage on Battle Spot. Other than that, I was kind of hoping for this delay. It gives me more time to breed normal Kalosmons that I was supposed to breed.

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Japanese pokebank is up.

I already download the pokebank(jpn) and tested it if the hacked pokemon can still get in.

After hacked some event shiny Dialga..... it still get in.......

By the way, pokebank is region free. I transfer the pokemon from my black 2 english ver.

Edit: Region-free for the games, not the 3ds

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