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Pokemon Showdown Replay Thread.


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In the guise of wanting to revive an area which was once quite enjoyable to be around. I've thought of ways to spark discussion. One of these was just to have a place for people to post replays if uncapable or unwilling to write an extensive warstory.

Pokemon Showdown has a replay system and a very good one which is just missing in my opinion the ability to upload saved matches from Pokemon Online. With this comes easy access to post remembable battles for a while to come. Whilst I mean no endangerment to our warstories, it's been quite barren there for a while.

Without further ado, I'll start off if allowed me to. You don't need to place them in spoilers but it's cleaner if you have various battles to share at once.

A view into a team I may write an RMT for. Four battles in C.


Why Rocky Helmet may work.


Improving our aerodynamics brought to you by Mega-Aerodactyl




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