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Miracle Trade / Wonder Trade


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[icon]399[/icon]The Wonder Trade

There is a new feature within the Pokemon XY's PSS, and it is called Miracle Trade (or Wonder Trade, I believe, in English, so for your sakes, I will call it Wonder Trade). For those of you who do not know what Wonder Trade is, it is a fun little feature that lets you trade your own Pokemon to a random person for their random Pokemon, so you never know what you would get. It is a bit of a gamble, and so it is full of joy and grief, depending on what Pokemon you get. This feature has been derogatorily been named Bidoof Trade because people thought that was all that would be traded. Generally what people trade are Pokemon they do not want or have multiple copies of. Share your personal experiences with it and anything else involving the Wonder Trade. You may rant about your bad experiences, some good times you've had with shiny Pokemon from Wonder Trade, the best and absolute worst Pokemon you have received, how to improve the Wonder Trade experience, the colour of your shirt as you were Wonder Trading, etc...

[icon]399[/icon]My own personal experiences

There were some goods, some bads, mostly bads these days. I am very thankful for the many good experiences I have had. In fact, it has helped me save a lot of work on many things. I do not understand why, but I suppose some people do have all the luck in the world with their Xerneas and Zygarde they receive (yes it is possible and happens occasionally). The goods I've had was when some people sent some high IVd, some good egg moved Pokemon that occasionally appear. At other times, I do not believe I had the best of luck. I frequently receive Route 2 Pokemon, such as Bunnelby or Fletchling (mostly Fletchling), all freshly caught. I do not believe ethnicity matters much, as I have come into contact with mostly Japanese and sometimes Americans and occasional Europeans. Ironically, for living in South Korea, I have only come in contact with ONE Korean. Most Americans seem to be average, either giving Route 2 Pokemon or sometimes mass Eevees (it has occurred). I do get some good Pokemon off of them or even Australians. But the Japanese... oh boy.

There was a point where the Japanese seemed to have been sending their breeding rejects, and it reflects their competitive trend. Nowadays, you mostly see Honedges being flung back and forth, whether they be Adamant or Brave nature (not Quiet ones unfortunately). Then there comes the big DOWN, when it is them sending whatever American Route 2 Pokemon they received off Miracle Trade RIGHT BACK at me. I am deadly afraid of getting my random pen pal as a Japanese, because it is mostly English Pokemon sent right back at me. What seems to trend these days are Japanese Route 2 Fletchings, English language Pokemon from Route 2, occasional Honedges, Luvdiscs (I don't understand this as it is not White Day or Valentine's Day), and the one that bugs me the most: the PAN - MONKEYs. Unfortunately, being a South Korean, I live around the same time as they do, so they are mostly active around the same time I am around. I do not mind receiving these off Americans as it is with the Japanese though. I also do understand people trying Wonderlocke challenge (playing the game through with 6 Wonder Traded Pokemon), but I get these Pokemon on a daily basis, somehow I do believe these are all intentional ways of trolling.

You would be curious about what I send through Wonder Trade. No, I do not send "useless" Pokemon. In fact, most of the Pokemon I send either have good egg moves or have high IVs that can be useful if somebody wishes to breed them. To name a few, I have sent Quick Attack/Close Combat Pinsirs, Aura Sphere/Dragon Pulse Squirtle, Dragon Dance/Dragon Rush/Outrage Charmander, Multiscale Dratini, Protean Froakie, Gale Wing Fletchling, Brave Bird Pidgey, Anticipation Eevee, and others. Anything most people would release I would keep for myself, because I do not believe it is nice. I am going to experiment and make some EV trained Metagross and Dragonite and send them through Wonder Trade: I'd like to make these people guilty for sending me their Scatterbugs... heh heh. I do not send back Route 2 Pokemon out of the repercussion that may occur if I happen to receive something valuable while sending in something not so remarkable to the other person.

One positive aspect about this is that I have been able to fill out my Pokedex indirectly as I have been receiving Pokemon I would have never been able to get otherwise, such as Ponyta or Togepi. I hope to get a Petilil and some of my other favourite Pokemon to play around with.

My verdict: I will not be using this function often right now. I will be putting some Pokemon every now and then, but unfortunately my boxes are full, and I'm tired of being generous to get people who catch Route 2 Pokemon as my exclusive trading pen pals. Eh. I believe though, the quality may improve sooner or later, but I have had enough for now. Anybody know a sweet time to trade?

This is the first Pokemon I have ever received in a Wonder Trade:


It is a treasure and I will keep it, because it signified the future of any upcoming Wonder Trades I ever engage in. I may actually train it one day. It has the ability Simple. :bidoof:

I do not believe I had the worst of it as there were other people who received blatant trolling such as a Haunter carrying Everstone only knowing Spite and the assorted jokes.


Disclaimer: it is obvious that Pokemon received from Wonder Trade are NOT LIMITED to these. Trends are trends and will change. Most of this is based off my observation, and our observations may be quite different, so not all that I list may be accurate for everybody.

This is currently early December of 2013.


Zubat (04 December, and possibly subsequent few days)

Avoid today and the next few days at all costs unless you want to contribute to this event or oddly love Zubat or something. Repel wore off!



Generally from Japan, but sometimes English or some other language: it seems to be a mass breeding project for many competitive players, seeing as how Aegislash is one of the top Pokemon used in competitive battling. They tend to come with high IVs and are usually Adamant or Brave nature. It may be helpful for your own breeding projects.



Everybody wants to breed this overhyped frog starter with the ability Protean, allowing it to change into any type it wants to depending on the move used. Unfortunately, most of the ones I have received are Torrent versions, or Japanese people sending English Froakies. However, you can be lucky and will get an occasional Protean from somebody nice. I only send Protean Froakies in Wonder Trade if I have a Froakie. You should too >_>



The other popular starter being sent through Wonder Trade. I do not have much to say about it, however. If you are lucky, you may get one with some high IVs and egg moves such as Dragon Dance or Crunch.



The amount of Fennekins being sent have been dropped down according to my experience, at least, but they still are trendy it seems. In many occasions I receive Braxiens straight from the Friend Safari. They may also possess Magician.



Generally sent by Japanese players, if they are Level 2 or 3, you know it is straight from Route 2 and they like to troll you. Sometimes they send English ones they have received right back at you. HOWEVER, do check your Fletching you receive, because sometimes they may be Level 1 GALE WINGS Fletching, which is really useful and is quite the menace in the competitive scenes. Gale Wings Talonflame/Protean Greninja/Aegislash is the unholy triad that plagues Battle Spot Special of today that only allows new Kalos Pokemon. Most likely, though, they are Big Pecks Route 2 rejects. They will still serve useful for your egg hatching purposes, but these Pokemon are so common anyhow.



The other Route 2 Pokemon that everybody seems to send is also quite common, though not as common as it used to be. However, if you are collecting Vivillon, maybe it can become the Vivillon pattern your game lacks, so do not just discard it immediately! I just had the idea that maybe sending Vivillon instead of Scatterbug raw would be more helpful. Unfortunately, not many people think that way.



Strangely, I have received many Eevees from English language players mostly. I do not know exactly why, and they do not seem to be bred Eevees. Unfortunately, they are too cute and I cannot bring myself to release them.



Even more strange is the fact that many Japanese players seem to be sending Level 15 Luvdiscs (I received one level 17)... and I do not quite understand the trend. It is not White Day nor Valentine's Day; that does not happen until February and March. I am rather confused at this, or it is just a new form of trolling like the Route 2 Pokemon.



I thought we were done with the Bidoof / Bunnelby / Fletching / etc trade stage by now, but nope. Geodudes seem to be one of the few common mons still common in the Wonder Trade. What's more stinging is that they tend to be Level 28, meaning caught straight from the wild. I even received a Modest one. Japanese too. I think I should just avoid trading with the Japanese...


The Pan Monkeys (Pansage, Pansear, Panpour)

This one makes me mad the most. They are usually freshly caught from the forest after Route 2 (Santalune Forest, I believe), as they are generally Route 4 with nothing else special about them. What is more baffling is that it is Japanese players sending them... and they tend to be English. Sometimes Japanese. It must be English Pokemon sent to Japanese people and they are Wonder Trading them back.

[icon]399[/icon]Upcoming events for Wonder Trade

[icon]225[/icon]25 Dec:


Does this sound like a neat idea or what? Anybody wish to help out new players starting their new games on Christmas?

[icon]133[/icon]25 Dec:


Same principle as above: just get into the spirit of giving!

[icon]041[/icon]4 Dec:


Avoid this day at all costs. Unless you want to partake in this... have fun with Zubat trade. You thought nobody in South Korea / Japan would know about this... well, I do know. Muhahaha.

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Most of the Pokemon I have recieved have been quite dreadful however I've recieved decent pokemon such as Adament Scyther and a Jolly Kangaskhan. Overall, I've actually resorted to the GTS if I ever wanted a specific pokemon or I network with other people.

The wonder trade, whilst novel is only a means. I am however waiting to see what can be acquired when the Pokebank actualizes. That may be a very interesting prospect.

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I am however waiting to see what can be acquired when the Pokebank actualizes. That may be a very interesting prospect.

Sorry for the slight bump, but I could not agree with the above more. I hadn't even thought about it the slightest before, but now I'm looking forward to the launch of Pokémon Bank even more. Wonder Trade will be a blast.

I remember the first few days or weeks even of Wonder Trade. They were horrible; countless Scatterbug and other horrible early Pokémon as such. Now, however, my luck's not too shabby. I've just gotten a Shroomish, which I believe can only be obtained by breeding Breloom, which again can only be obtained, via Friend Safari. I remember seeing a good Pokémon on the GTS asking for a Shroomish, but that was a while ago. I'm a rather generous Wonder Trade user myself, I only really hand out Protean Froakies along with all the other starters currently available in the game. Sometimes you get lucky, sometimes you don't. I had one time where the Pokémon I were getting were just great, so I kept at it, sending out the same Pokémon every time. The next day wasn't so lucky, though.

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I usually hold firmly on to whatever is bred unless I want to clear my boxes. It's good to keep some spares in case people on forums/comment boxes etc, ask for what you know you have to trade. At least that's the thought process now. I'd still put a few good ones through the Wonder Trade to improve the quality of it a minute amount.

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Today's Wonder Trade (Christmas) was actually quite disappointing. I have received more Route 2 Fletchings, Bunnelbys, Weedles, Sentrets and others (all in some ball that is not even Poke Ball, think about what that implies) while sending out some beautiful Dratinis and starters. I have also received a bunch of Froakies in abundance, which may be nice I guess.

Meanwhile, I did receive something interesting after a while:


Yes folks, Pokebank is out in Japan (and in South Korea), but I did not download my copy yet, because I do not have a physical Korean cartridge of Gen V Pokemon games (I opted out of that series). The one time I send out a Honedge (It was 5 IV but people dislike Honedges), I get something good. I have a feeling Wonder Trade pairs good trades with bad trades on purpose :/

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Oh Wonder Trade... why are you so ridiculous? This is a Sassy natured Jynx named "Nikki" with Mean Look, Fake Tears, Wake-Up Slap, and Avalanche. I do not know who this Nikki is supposed to be, but that is certainly frightening.

Anyways, due to the delay of Pokebank for the Western players and the coming of a New Year, I decided to do a little bit of some generous giveaways of non-obtainable starters that I have bred, a lot of them having good IVs and egg moves (examples being Piplup with Agility/Featherdance/Aqua Ring/Icy Wind and Chikorita with Leech Seed/Grassy Terrain/Leaf Storm). There will be a few "surprise Pokemon" in the mix as well. I think I will hold this giveaway at maybe sometime around 11 PM Saturday 3 Jan EST (8 PM Saturday PST), unless I change plans, where in that case I will notify right here. I hope I don't forget: I live 14 hours ahead of that specific time zone.

Yes, the Pokemons' names will be in Korean, but they will change when you evolve them. Look for a person that looks like this and you will know it is me.


Useful tip: Breed a couple of new starters if you receive them. You can place them up the GTS to help you find other Pokemon for your Pokedex. The demand for old starters are still rather high and trades usually take place almost instantaneously! That is how I received all of mine.

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So far I've received Cyndaquil, Chimchar, Treecko through the wonder trade system. I got all three of them yesterday and bred and sent them back out. Granted they're not IV bred,but still, players can re-breed them themselves.

Anyways, Wraith, any chance of a Chikorita or a Piplup? The times you're offering the starters at, I wont be online to get some of them. I'm online now if you're available.

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