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B2/W2 hack idea: Pokémon Granite Black/Marble White


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The premise: In my new/still unnamed region, Team Gemini is obsessed with finding a perfect balance between natural opposites. They require the local Gyms to run as two-type partnerships, with one Gym Leader's specialty complementing the other's (Fire/Water, Grass/Bug, Fighting/Dark. and so on). Yes, that set-up means Gym battles are always doubles in this game; but the player's NPC friend will join him in town between solo adventures. The Elite Four and current Champion of my new region, meanwhile, remain hidden as they stay one step ahead of Team Gemini. A secret resistance movement exists, occasionally rewarding the player for missions--but not revealing its inner workings until the final showdown to free the Elite Four.

To add:

  • New types: have already worked out the mechanics for a Light type, need help working out Sound type
  • New moves: some variations of existing moves, some originals, some imports from Gen VI
  • New species (regional starters, a legendary trio, and a few new Eeveelutions at least)

Changelist continued in a later reply; sound promising so far?

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To remove:

  • A few species tnat clash with the flavor of the new region (mostly "gimmick" Pokémon like Unown)
  • Movie shoots and musicals (not essential to the story).
  • The Entralink and related missions (this hack is meant for emulator players who may not have Wi-Fi access).

To change/replace:

  • Some existing moves and species will change type.
  • Some TMs that were dropped in Generation V (including Focus Punch, Defog, and Silver Wind) will regain TM status.
  • Some species' abilities and move pools will change. In particular, moves originally restricted to the Dream World will be learnable by leveling up.
  • Species that currentiy evolve by trade will gain item-based or level-up evolutions instead.
    To be continued...

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