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trading X & Y trade thread

Mewtwo Ex

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I'm looking for a Charizardnite X for my Charizardnite Y plus any of these pokemon:

German Togepi - Female

Lv. 1

HP: 11

AT: 5

DF: 6

SA: 6

SD: 6

SP: 4

Nature: Relaxed

Ability: Serene Grace

German Togepi - Male

Lv. 30

HP: 70

AT: 18

DF: 48

SA: 29

SD: 58

SP: 26

Nature: Careful

Ability: Hustle

Aerodactyl - Male

Lv. 20

HP: 66

AT: 52

DF: 33

SA: 31

SD: 41

SP: 57

Nature: Docile

Ability: Rock Head

Cranidos - Male

Lv. 20

HP: 59

AT: 55

DF: 19

SA: 21

SD: 18

SP: 35

Nature: Hasty

Ability: Mold Breaker

Archen - Female

Lv. 20

HP: 53

AT: 51

DF: 22

SA: 36

SD: 27

SP: 38

Nature: Hasty

Ability: Defeatist

Japanese Pichu - Female

Lv. 1

HP: 11

AT: 6

DF: 5

SA: 5

SD: 6

SP: 5

Nature: Quiet

Ability: Static

SHINY ****Vanillite**** - Female

Lv. 21

HP: 46

AT: 29

DF: 28

SA: 42

SD: 29

SP: 29

Nature: Rash

Ability: Ice Body

Octillery - Male

Lv. 26

HP: 81

AT: 67

DF: 50

SA: 60

SD: 45

SP: 28

Nature: Docile

Ability: Suction Cups

Anyone interested?

Ill do i will tarde the x stoe for the Y with a toggepi

Friend code is 2036-7743-6010

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Need a Charizardite Y, I will trade one for my Charizardite X.

PM me if you are interested


can some one trade me a Charizardite X for my Charizardite Y please? i will send it over with a random pokemon heres my friend code: 0361-7515-8599 armstrong

Hey... check it out. You two may have found somebody that shares your same interest. Why don't you two get together and all?

I have an unhealthy excessive amount of Brave Honedges, each with at least 4 IVs or so. There are also some Scythers and Pinsirs lying around, Adamant and Jolly nature, respectively (let me know if you want the Scyther to evolve). I would also like to clean out some of my Timid Ralts and some Modest Squirtles (I am not sure if I have that many left actually). If you would like one, please let me know. I will take anything, including your Bidoofs. However, I'm more in search of Y exclusives at this point. Great IV Pokemon is preferred, but not necessary. Again, I will take anything.

My friend code is 4613-7526-1652

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I am French and I want exchange my pokémon 5ivs french against of pokémon 5ivs english or others nation.

It's for the masuda technical

My friend code is 3566-1961-6387

I propose in my 5ivs french : Gible, Eevee, Sneasel, Kangashan, Magikarp, Axew, Dratini

Pm me if you are interested =)

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I believe I have some Dratinis, Kangaskhans and Eevee (if that is what you want), but I am unsure if they are 5 IV or whatnot. I believe most are, but I need to re-check them via IV person. I have Korean Pokemon since I am Korean. I hope I did not trade all my 5 IV Pinsirs or Scythers or Heracrosses... that would not be good. I also have some remaining Fletchlings with Gale Wings. I am unsure what you want, however.

My friend code is 4613-7526-1652

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Ah I see. I also have Vulpix (Goupix) with Drought too, Ralts, and other things someplace. I wish I had marked them earlier, as I did not use it.

I found my 5 IV Scyther, but all that seems left are 4 IV Pinsir and Heracross. Could I interest you in any of these for your Magikarp, Sneasel and maybe Gible? I will see if I can find more, or if you wish me to breed until I get a better 5 IV type of Pokemon.

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Okay =) Goupix 5iv ? Ralts 5iv ? If yes I am interesting by Goupix, Ralts Scyther 5iv and Pinsir 4iv and Heracross 4iv =) Me I suggest more Mareep 5 iv and Honedge 4 iv and Inkay 4 iv and Bagon 4iv, Shuppet 5iv, Swinub 5iv and Litwick 5iv.

You are interested by Magikarp, Sneasel and Gible ?

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I have Articuno, shiny remoraid x2, shiny poliwhirl holding kings rock, and shiny Gengar (but hes NFT cuz hes my favorite)

Charizard y...and other than that nothing too special...

looking extensively for shiny phantump/trevenant, shiny sableye, and shiny charmander

will accept other shinies..especially ghost type

My FC is 2380-3023-0568

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Can i trade somebody my Mewtwonite x for a Mewtwonite y? Mega Mewtwo X is pretty good but i personally think that Mega Mewtwo Y better fits my team, if anybody has a Mewtwonite Y and want's to trade for a Mewtwonite X,just give me your friend code and i can send over via Magikarp or some other Pokemon. :smile:

Edited by Master Mewtwo
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