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Official ROM and sav file names Gen4 [SOLVED]


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For the games listed below, when they are downloaded from their cartridges into a computer, what names are their ROM and .sav files given by default?

Pokemon Pearl

Pokemon Diamond

Pokemon Platinum

Pokemon Heart Gold

Pokemon Soul Silver

The actual reason I'm asking this is because the .sav file name must match that of the game in order to be recognized and read by the latter. Or so I think. So before I overwrite my cartridge's .sav file with MrPooPooPantsPearl.sav I better find out what I should rename it, unless I want the wrath of a thousand flip-floppin' Magikarps to be released upon my noggin.

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The filename is just game serial + version number + file extension (.nds or .sav)

Pokemon Pearl = APAEv05.nds

Pokemon Diamond = ADAEv05.nds

Pokemon Platinum = CPUEv00.nds (if the serial on the backside of the cartridge says CPUEN0) or CPUEv01.nds (if the serial on the backside of the cartridge says CPUEN1)

Pokemon Heart Gold = IPKEv00.nds

Pokemon Soul Silver = IPGEv00.nds

As far as I know only Platinum had two versions, but I'm not sure.

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It depends on what you use to dump the save files, really.

For example, SGM dumps them in that format: [internal name].0.sav , where [internal name] is the game name and the .0 is just an arbitrary number which increases to .1 if POKEMON W.0.sav is already present on the memory card (and so on if .1 is already present, etc.)

For example, you'd get POKEMON W.0.sav, POKEMON SS.0.sav, etc.

Two different versions of the same game means that there were serious bugs in the game that were not found before it was already official released. These bugs were then fixed in a newer version.

But I don't know what kind of bug there was in the earlier version of Platinum.

v1.1 fixes the error where the GTS didn't display what level Pokémon was asked for when searching for trade offers.

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