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How are people on the GTS asking for Gen 5 pokemon


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Sorry for the foreign language, but there is an NPC in the town above Route 8 where this NPC says you can search for Pokemon by just hearing their name, even if you have not seen the Pokemon physically. Therefore, that Genesect mentioned in the geology research lab in the town below Route 8 means that you can search for one in the GTS. That may also mean... *here it comes*... the flood of requests for Level 9 Zekrom may yet return because the statues of Reshiram and Zekrom are in the palace's garden! :|

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I actually don't see the point in people using the GTS. Well actually, the ones who request stupid things.

Obviously it's impossible to get a Charizard between level 1-10, yet they always persist in asking for pokemon with daft levels. The most outrageous I've seen is an alakazam request at level 1-10...I mean really?

Nintendo should really get their finger out and put a stop to this. Asking for pokemon that are unobtainable without cheating is defeating the point of trading. If they're not going to use the system properly, well at the extreme end, ban them for a few days until they learn.

Ok, rant over.

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