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XY Event - Corocoro Garchomp (Japan)


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This image from the upcoming Corocoro issue has been circulating, showing that a Garchomp that will be distributed, presumably by serial code, through the next issues of Corocoro (on sale Nov 15).

Pokemon: Garchomp ガブリアス

Gender: Male

Level: 48

OT: コロコロ

ID: 11153

Ability: Sand Veil

Nature: Random


Draco Meteor

Dragon Claw



Item: Dragon Fang

Pokeball: Cherish

Ribbon: Classic

Location: Lovely Place

Dates: Nov 15, 2013 - Aug 29, 2014

Game Distribution: XY

Distribution Type: Serial Code

Sources: http://imgur.com/eWXiPKL


Official site update:


Confirms the issue goes on sale Nov 15th and the event presumably starts the same day. There is an end date, but the website says the Corocoro issue will contain those details.

My Garchomp imgur gallery

Event Gallery entry

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They do need internet. Basically you put the serial and the game checks with the nintendo servers if you are allowed to download an event corresponding to that serial, and then proceeds to download it. Or not, if you input a wrong serial. They are probably region locked as well, given they still use the wi-fi.

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How do serial code-based events work? Are they basically Wi-Fi events with a password or they don't need the Internet? Do you know if they're region-locked like Wi-Fi events?

Thanks in advance :)



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