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XY Event - 12 Quick Balls (UK / Tesco) (& Japan)


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It seems some copies of XY sold at Tesco in the UK will come with a serial code to get 12 Quick Balls.

The update about events in XY from the Japanese site has shown that serial codes will activate Mystery Gift Wonder cards.

Hopefully someone can backup their save file with this wonder card or at least document it with photos.

See this thread for info on XY contributions.


If you are unable to help by contributing save files, you can also help by contributing photos of the Event distribution!

(ie, Wonder Card images, distro text (bottom screen) images, details of the event pokemon itself, etc)

Thanks to trance for the heads up on this one.

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I think it's pretty cool that they're having events like these.

Even though it's nothing too big nor important, I think events that give you a small amount of certain common-ish items should be made more often.

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Codes are valid from 12th October 2013 (11/10/2013 23:00 BST) to 12th April 2014.

Wonder card text (EU 3DS, console language set to EN, game set to JP):

A bunch of Quick Balls!



おくりものは ポケモンセンターにいる

はいたついんから うけとってね!

Distribution text (EU 3DS, console language set to EN, game set to JP):
Here are 12 Quick Balls for you!

Use these Quick Balls at the

start of a wild Pokémon encounter

to increase your catch rate!

Icon: A Quick Ball.

According to the XY PGL, Tesco's giving out the codes until the end of this month.

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Here you go:

クイックボール プレゼント

せんとうが はじまって すぐだと

ポケモンが つかまえやすくなる

クイックボールを 12コ プレゼント!

Got it on my own game.

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