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idea Pokemon Black&White 2 A


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Welcome Pokemon Black 2 A

The Game right now is still in indev state but soon it will be completed, more things will be added as progress through.

Only Available in Black 2 ATM White 2 Coming Soon


VS Hilbert and Hilda at Nuvema Town

Mewtwo was made for a test but you can find it in the Entralink Forest

Play as Trainer Gray (optional), including Overworld Sprites (but finishing, soon will be finished), Mugshot, Flying sprite, PWT Sprite. Exception of Trainer Card Sprite

Catch the Resolute Form Keldeo

Catch Victini at Liberty Garden

Going to be featured in the future:

New npcs gives you items and key items

More Exciting Trainers like Hilbert & Hilda

More Exciting Gym Leader Battles

Sonic's Shoes instead of a Bike

Credits (in order of which helped the most):

Kaphotics - For helping me learn how to script in the game

KazoWAR - His tools did a fantastic job at inserting the sprites

Myself - For making Gray's Sprite.

Download link:

Coming Soon...

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