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Thoughts on the new mega evolutions


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So there I was looking at the new Pokemon to be introduced in x and y and then I see there is thing up at the top that let's you toggle between "new Pokemon" and "mega evolutions." So I switch to mega evolutions to see what it's about. Automatically I see mega charizard, blastoise and venosaur. I immediately turned off my phone because I believed they were to be 4th line evolutions. And me playing since fire red pretty much know that 4th line evolutions are well. Not established let's say. I learned later they only last for a certain period of time and stuff but I still don't trust them.

So what are you're thoughts on the ideas and what they look like (I personally like mega absol, but that's just me).

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I love the new Blastoise. I will be getting Squirtle. Venusaur looks the same so it doesn't really appeal to me. As the new Charizard...meh. I like the orange one. What intrigues me about Charizard X is the issue of it being shiny. By making it black with blue through it, how would it look if it were to be shiny? I'm guessing they'll put the shiny lock on it so it can't be shiny like they did with Reshiram, Zekrom, and Victini.

I don't know if you guys have seen it, but a Mega Aerodactyl, Gengar and Abomasnow has been confirmed thanks to someone who got the game early on.

I think the Aerodactyl and Abomasnow look cool. Not too sure about Gengar though...




I will be getting a copy of Pokemon Y on Tuesday thanks to a close friend, so I'll be adding things about the Mega Evolutions (in spoilers) as I go along in the game.

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