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I Don't know if this issue has been asked before and or resolved or not, but how do you use the mystery gift function in pokegen and get the Action Replay code to work in your game? I have UK White and i cant get the mystery gift action replay codes generated from pokegen to work.

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Here's a quick walk thru:

1. Under 'Options' the 'Target Game' check and see if you are set to Black/White, Pokegen Defaults to Black2/White2

2 In the Mystery Gift Tool, after you open the file, select which slot you want the WC in (I have found that you MUST have a card in slot 1 for the card album to display properly) the n click the '<' arrow to set your current displayed card to that slot.

3. After setting your cards go to the code generator and make sure the Code Generator is set to 'White'

4. Choose your activation button (I recommend 'Select'), check mark the 'Mystery Gift' box, and click 'Generate'

5. The initially displayed code is NOT a WC code. Use the drop box above the code display to select and display the WC code you wish to have.

Important! In early August Nintendo released an update to the 3DS operating system, no version of AR will work on a 3DS anymore, you must use a DS or DSi in order to use an AR.

I have also sent you a Private Message with a link to a thread where all the Current Black/White WC codes have already been made and tested.

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I am trying to use the mystery gift feature for Black 2. I have set everything to the proper game, used .pgf files, and done everything in the above walk through. But still am unable to activate the codes in game. Does anyone have any suggestions or thoughts on how to fix this?

Edit: I appologize. I didn't realize that the current version of pokegen doesn't work with black 2 wonder card codes.

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