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Does anybody still play the pokemon TCG?

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You all reminded me of my youth... and that was when NOBODY knew how to play the Pokemon card right. The rule was this: if you have Charizard, you automatically win. Nobody knew of Energy requirements, nobody knew what "discard energy" meant, and all that, so yeah :/

A friend of mine had the Gameboy game so i learned the rules from the beginning.

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I like the original sets of pokemon up till the end of the neo destiny series (i think that's the one). I have all of the original pokemon, 1-151, and about a third of the 2nd gen of pokemon.

One of my favorite card is a japanese charizard promo. The charizard is the same picture on pokemon red version

I have lots of japanese holo cards due to ebay :P ...I can't find any of the common/uncommon neo cards I want though :(

I miss playing the tcg

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