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Ethan mugshog

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Does anyone know where the narc file is for ethan in heartgold? like ik his btx is a081 but i want to know were his mughsot image is so i can change it

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Ethan's Mugshot is in file a/1/0/9. You want to edit file 209.recn I suggest you do so with Tinke, as you can simply export/import .png files.

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all the narcs i know

a/0/4/6: title screen

a/0/5/8: trainer front sprites

a/0/8/1: overworld sprites

a/0/9/3: fly overworlds

a/1/2/0: new game screen

a/1/5: pokeathlon

a/1/7/4: ...

a/1/8/6: other overworlds

pbr/pokegra.narc: pokemon battle sprites

but, in a/0/0/4 are also pokemon battle sprite

/a/0/1/5 contains the D/P/Pt bag and some other stuff

/a/0/3/9 has the tabs from the D/P/Pt (and HG/SS?) Pokémon summary screen

/a/0/4/9 contains an animation of the Zephyr Badge rotating?

/a/0/5/8 contains the trainers from the front

/a/0/6/4 contains the icons on the D/P menu, both above and under ground

/a/0/7/1 contains an HP gauge, so probably the rest is in-battle stuff. Whether it's DP/Pt or HG/SS, I have no idea.

/a/1/0/9 contains battle transitions: the Galaxy logo, the Rocket logo, the VS image, various gym leader headshots

/a/1/2/0 contains Oak, Oak's Marril, full-size shots of Gold and Kotone, and animations for them shrinking to game-size

/a/1/2/2 is probably the D/P ending; has the D/P trainers riding bikes.

/a/1/2/6 has big tilesets for.. a Charizard.. some leaf patterns..

/a/1/2/7 has a Smeargle from behind, LCD numbers, and a little vertical strip of "Replay", Pikachu, Marill, a Pokéball, etc. I assume this is game corner stuff

/a/1/4/2-9 are all tilesets.

/a/1/5/5 has some Japanese text and a logo on fire

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