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answered Index numbers of the eReader berries


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Hi everyone,

I was wondering if it's possible to inject the eReader berries into the game (e.g. player's PC) by editing the savefile. But HERE I can't find those berries. This is strange to me, since the eReader berries were already available in R/S. Does someone know what the index numbers of the eReader berries are? Or in general if just inserting the items by index number will work (without the use of eReader)?

I apologize in advance in case this has already been asked.


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the problem is that you cannot trade custom berries which makes it a lot less interesting than it could have been. Protection was a simple checksum but I doubt i can locate the data... but I had a 'pikaBERRY' on my games back in the day. But as you said it's only marginally interesting - actually i think it's only fun for whoever is hacking it ;)

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This is kind of off topic I hope you guys don't mind the ramblings on an old guy... ;)

I felt nostalgic I guess. I realized a few people are still the same and then there was this post - about a topic I did oh so many years ago so I felt obliged to post something.

Don't expect any major contributions from me just because of this though ;) but I am still happy I picked up python in my last years of pokehacking I regularly use that and a few other skills i learned during that time. If you're interested in what I have been up to I think it would be fun to catch up for old times sake :kikkoman:.

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lol actually i found it when prepared to leave my PC today

Custom Berry Pack for Ruby/Sapp


by pika

UPDATE: This time the package contains 5 (all?) patched (so they don't crash)

japan only berrys.

How to use?

This time it's not an AR code because a 332-line code

simply does not make any sense.

I could have dropped the berryimage but that would really suck IMHO.

So to use it dump your Game and Savegame with a Flash2Advance cable or similar


Load your game (&Save) in Visual Boy Advance


Tools->Memory Viewer

Select Load (the button on the bottom, 2nd on the left)

Select either pikaBERRY.dmp, KUOBERRY.dmp or one of the other berrys

When VBA asks you for an address enter: 02028894

then press Okay.

If you don't have a berry no.43 go to your father. He'll give you

the BERRY. If you already have it look at it it will

have changed :)

©2005-2006 pika

I like I said i never released a program ... thats because i never wrote anything besides this checksum fixer... i assume the first part is for custom trainers but i dont completely remember.

#include <stdio.h>

main() {
FILE *fp;
fp = fopen("OrigKey.dmp", "rb");
unsigned long buffer;
unsigned long add=0;

FILE *fpout;
fpout = fopen("Key.dmp","wb");

for(int i=0; i<0x2D+1; i++)
	fread(&buffer, 4, 1, fp);
	fwrite(&buffer, 4, 1, fpout);
fwrite(&add, 4, 1, fpout);

fp = fopen("yago.DMP", "rb");
fpout = fopen("yago-real.DMP","wb");
unsigned long chk=0;
unsigned char u;

for(int i=0; i<0x52C; i++)
	if(i<0xC || i>=0x14)
		fputc(u, fpout);
		fputc(fgetc(fp), fpout);


fwrite(&chk, 4, 1, fpout);
printf("Chk: %08X", chk);//




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