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It would be somewhat based around the Team Rocket Challenge (linked below), but with an actual story and stuff.

Features would include:

-New starters! For example Zorua, Sneasel and Houndour.

-No badges. The ranking system would literally be a ranking system, going from Grunt to Scout and all the way to Admin.

-A partner in crime! Rather than the usual rival, you'd have a fellow Rocket who'd accasionally join you on missions and such.

-Missions! You'd travel around Unova stealing pokémon and robbing places, and generally screw things over for team Plasma.

-Story! It would be focused around two things; recapturing Mewtwo, and taking down Team Plasma.

-Stealing! You'd be able to steal a trainer's last pokémon, and send it to HQ for rewards.

-Gym leaders would appear every now and then, trying to stop you.

Now, I know nothing about ROMhacking, or if something like this would even be possible. But, it'd be great.

Team Rocket Challenge:


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