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Can someone help me? (Someone with EZ Flash 3in1)


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yes i can do it.

how many pokemon?

and are you available most times to get on wifi?

pm me the sav. (i won't scam you! we have pokesav to create stuff!)

oh yeah what gba game?

-edit. or, what we (i) could do is pal park your pokemon, and save the .pkm files and email/host the on some site for you, it would be quicker, but you need have access to pokesav and remember, if you just load the .pkm's into your box, your pokedex don't get updated.

e.g. if you load a deoxys.pkm into your pokemon box, you would not get a deoxys data thing in your pokedex, to get that you would have to then trade that deoxys, or upload it to gts, then take it down, or use some tool that came out recently on this site.

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Thank you!!! Thank you!!! You are my hero! I really would prefer that you could send them via Wi-Fi, cause i have only original cart and I want them on console. I would like at least 15 pokemon, if you could do more that would be great. We don't need to do this in one day :) I'll send the save to you soon, i just need to reset some EV's of one Pokemon :)

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i can do some editing if you want, since i have access to pokesav.

just going to read your pm...

thank you for appreciating this! and 15 pokemons hmmm ok. lol.

18 would be good? or multiples of 6, since 6 pokemon in a party.

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