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Need some help from someone with A LOT of RNG experience (detailed explanations and patience needed please)


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So yeah, I've been reading up on RNGing for the Pokemon games and it's a bit confusing even after watching many youtube videos and following Smogon's Guides... I'm more confused though when it comes to using the RNG Reporter 9.96.5. What do all the options mean and how do I use them? Also I'm trying to do this with Eggs for B2/W2 (with an DS Lite and an action replay with a "Quick Hatching" code).

What I'm asking is for detailed instructions on;

1.) Calibrating of the RNG Reporter and DS

2.) Using the RNG Reporter with its many options

Also using images would be REALLY helpful and any advice would be appreciated! Thanks.

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don't even have an action replay in, lol

there's tutorials online, like everywhere. try titan's guide

I'll give titan's guide a shot, do you have the link? Thanks. Also what do you mean about the Action Replay? It's needed to make the egg hatch quickly right? Unless you're saying it will not work if you're RNGing or will mess up the process? :confused:

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Oh, okay. Thanks for the link (time to get reading)! xD

EDIT: Will RNGing work on Latias? It's a stationary Pokemon right since you walk up to it right? But I have to take a step in order to battle her so how's this going to work?:confused:

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KazoWAR: Oh yeah, well that's a bummer. Too bad you can't RNG eggs in BW2.

But I do have another question though. I've been trying to RNG Latias in White2 without any luck. I've tried doing it on 2 different DS Lites (after calibrating of course) and still either keep getting the wrong Nature or IV's... :( During the calibration, 4 times I got 10F5 for Timer0 (with no second Timer0 value), and 1 time I got 10F6 for Timer0 (again with no second Timer0 value). So I used the 10F5 for my Min/Max Timer0 because that was the most common during calibration. My starting/initial frame is 51, target frame is 53, and I have to do 1 step to battle latias so...

target frame (53) - initial frame (51) - step (1) = 1 advancement right? so I think I listen to Chatot once and take a step. Do I have that correct? If so what am I doing wrong?

Thanks to anyone able to help! xD

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