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Trash byte normalizer w/ Platinum Support!


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Coded in VB.Net

Originally made because Sabresite wouldn't release his, I decided to dig it up and add more languages and Platinum support.

Thanks to Codemonkey85 and Jiggy-Ninja for some help.

NOTE: Platinum Trash Bytes will be shown as Invalid in Legality Checker!

Checking support will be added later (hopefully)

Korean pokemon show up as invalid in Legality Checker, but they also show up as invalid if you use Sabresite's normalizer.

I recommend using http://www.casiopia.net/PokeMod/TrashBytes.zip for DP pokemon, as it has a batch function, but this program supports both DP and Pt.

Games/Languages Supported:

DP: English, Japanese, Korean, French, Italian, German, Spanish

Pt: English, Japanese

If you would like other languages added, and have a ROM (hopefully you obtained it legally), a Flashcart (Or a SAV backup device) and a GBA pokemon game. PM me

Tell me what you think.

Tell me if you find any bugs :P

Trash Byte Fixer.exe

Trash Byte Fixer.exe

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