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Requesting some pokemon code of pokesave(for Diamond)

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here is my request


Held Item:Choice Specs.


Ability:Volt Absort

Nickname (If wanted):none

Original Trainer (Trainer Name/OT):Trukito

Trainer ID (If specific):ID:36273

Secret ID (If specific):SID:61198

Shiny (Yes or No):yes

Egg (Yes or No):no



Shadow Ball


Hidden Power 70 in "ICE"

Baton Pass

PP (max or normal): max

Pokérus Status: Cured

Pokéball Captured In:Pokemon Ball

Battle Stats:

EV Stats:252 Sp. Attack and 252 in Speed and 6 in Hp

IV Stats:31 all over

Ribbons (If any):Effort Ribbon, Sinnoh Champ Ribbon, Great Ability Ribbon

Location/Date Met:

Level Met At:

Location/Date Hatched (If an Egg):

Solaceon Town

2009, 7, 3

Proud of its power


Contest Stats:

Storage box 1, slot 1 (Code only):

For what game (code only):Platinum

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i dont think you can have 31 IVs all over + proud of its power + hidden power ice 70 in the same pokemon since they are all connected to IVs, but i will try.

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the best i can do with proud of its power and hidden power ice is:


hp: 19 attack: 30 defense: 28 speed: 3 Sp.attack: 15 Sp.defense: 21

the hidden power ice is 47, if this are ok then i will start makeing it.

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hmmm ok well can you change proud of its power and Im mostly interest in 31 all over or a least 31 in Sp. attack and speed and also 70 in Ice so if you have to change his nature or characteristic that's fine

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because I need this jolteon to be max in stats Sp. Attack and Speed and 70 hp in ice so I really don't care her nature or characteristics,

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alright its ready i just need to know for what game, you confused me a little because on the title you said for diamond but on the form you said for platinum...

P.S: the jolteon have hidden power 70 and 31 IVs all over except for attack and defense (which are 30 to make the ice 70), its shiny and timid, im sorry but i couldnt get it to have

"proud of its power".

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thank you and upzz sorry is for my diamond

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and that perfect and i dnt care about that characteristics

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is ev'd rite? 252 attack and 252 speed and 6 hp and lv 100 with effort ribbon and that other 2

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yes the jolteon has the EVs you whanted and the ribbons you whanted, anyway here you go, this code will place the requested jolteon at box 1 slot 1, enjoy:

94000130 FCFF0000

B21C4D28 00000000

B0000004 00000000

E000C370 00000088

164874F5 4A6E0000

8AD69566 B6386CB5

9CE72E30 D9B1C0AE

1CB121F9 9CB2744E


7B8A22E5 A947B448

99D34778 D78C302D

E706508C D3A8130E

B55E7C04 3CE361E0

CD84B8A3 EF6B1706

0C6BFBBB 3C5C0502

84E39828 DEC3BB47

20A4F693 0B2A5E92

774A129B A783073B

F99252C3 50FBDD5C

BEDF935C 753C2116

4B61BE4A 8D0CF78C

D2000000 00000000

tested and worked on both diamond and pearl, any problems/changes you whant me to fix/do tell me right here or pm me which way you prefer.

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