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BW B2W2 - Team Rocket Meowth (Pokemon Day 2013 - Italy)


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Team Rockets Meowth is going to be distributed at the Pokemon Day 2013 in Italy on July 13th and 14th. It'll be available for Black and White as well as Black 2 and White 2.

There are no further details yet and also no announcement for other European countries.


Pokemon: Meowth

Level: 15


ID: 07133

Ability: Pickup

Nature: Random


Fury Swipes


Nasty Plot


Item: Smoke Ball

Pokeball: Cherish Ball

Ribbon: Wishing Ribbon

Location: Pokémon Event

Dates: July 13th 2013 - July 14th 2013

Game Distribution: BW B2W2

Distribution Type: Local Wireless

Distribution Location: Italy, Mirabilandia

Sources: Official Site

Ottieni sulla tua scheda di gioco Pokémon Versione Nera, Pokémon Versione Bianca, Pokémon Versione Nera 2 o Pokémon Versione Bianca 2 il mitico Meowth del Team Rocket!
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thanks to Ahito95 for OT/ID information
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Anyone participated at the Pokemon Day in Italy?

Btw. the German Pokemon Days were announced to take place in 10 cities from August 31th 2013 to October 12th 2013.

Also there'll be a Swiss Pokemon Day this year on September 21th 2013.


There's no announcement for an Pokemon distribution yet , but it's likely that Team Rocket Meowth will be distributed there too.

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I doubt this will be distributed in Germany.

Nintendo said something about a "sparkling highlight" at the Pokemon Day Tour which could mean there'll be a shiny distribution.

I don't think they mean Dialga, Palkia and Giratina, because they are already supposed to be distributed at participating retailers.

There are some rumors about the red Genesect, but without confirmation.

And still no official announcement from Nintendo.

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I don't have the .pgf file, but someone who went to the Pokémon Day shared Meowth's details, it's the same as the Japanese one but the Location is "Pokémon Event", the OT is ROCKET and the ID is 07133 :)

Thanks for this info! Do you have any idea if this Meowth was distributed to the other language games? English, French, German, Spanish?

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Unfortunately this Meowth won't be distributed at German Pokemon Days...

The shiny Trio will be distributed there too.

Dialga will be distributed in Dusseldorf (08.31.), Frankfurt (09.07.) and Stuttgart (09.08.).

Palkia will be distributed in Munich (09.14.), Nuremberg (09.15.) and Solothurn (09.21.).

Giratina will be distributed in Oberhausen (09.28.), Hanover (09.29.), Hamburg (10.05.), Dresden (10.06.) and Berlin (10.12.).


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