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How can you tell which Item in giving item/scripting item is?(HGSS)

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Hello once again P-pokemon, basically what's happening is when I script items, I know which ones are the ones that I find off of already existing NPCS becuase I can find what item matches the script by looking into the in-game. But lets say I want to make someone give you a lucky egg yet i don't know which person gives you Lucky Egg so I have to figure out what script is the lucky egg WITHOUT looking at a another NPC, for example I found this to be the script for GB sounds by looking at drayano's hack:

Setvar 0x8004 502

Setvar 0x8005 1

Callstd 241 7

how could i figure out any other item?

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Thanks man that really helped, although that list is for Gen V and i want it for gen IV all I had to do is add a I in the URL and it worked like a charm. :D

So a question about the rest of it after the whole first setvar what do I put after that on the second setvar? and should the call stay the same. Sorry I only got into scripting a little while ago and I looked aroung for a HGSS scripting thread and I didn't see one , so I have to rely on you for this little part.


Alright figured out that you don't need to change anything else except the number at the end of the first SetVar

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