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New Pokemon Type: Fairy Type

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With a name like "Fairy Type", I know this sounds like some well thought out trolling, but apparently, after a long time, Sylveon has been confirmed as a Fairy Type Pokemon. At least it sells better than "Flying type" or "Fighting type". At long last, four generations after the second generation of Pokemon, another type has been added to the type charts. Before we go bashing how lame or how cutesy "Fairy" sounds, let us see what Fairy types are capable of.

It seems apparent that Fairies are supposed to be the counter to the dreaded overlords of the metagame, DRAGONS. Let's admit it. So far, our current metagame was about using Draco Meteor / Outrage when all the opponent's Steel Pokemon (the only type that resists Dragon) are gone. Dragons are very much dominant in this metagame. Just how good are Fairy Types supposed to be on stopping Dragons? We know Dragons are weak to Dragon and Ice, but none of them are resistant to Dragon, even the former being weak to it. From what I hear (and I am not entirely sure how true this is), Fairies are IMMUNE to Dragon attacks, making them much more designated in countering Dragons. This will affect the metagame tremendously, and like how Dark and Steel types were created to counteract the dominant Psychic and Normal types of 1st Generation, Fairies may be the long awaited answer to those overpowered Dragons!


New fairy moves called Moonblast and Fairy Wind has been confirmed and it has been shown to be super-effective against Dragons. I wonder what the theme for Fairy attacks would be (example: Dark types are unusual attacks with effects that rely on deceit like Pursuit/Sucker Punch). Now I do not know entirely how true what I say after is, but as for Fairy types, it is supposedly good against Dark and Fighting types as well. It is not very effective against Psychics and Fires (Victini = anti-fairies), resistances are unknown, and are weak to Steel and Poison. If true, our current metagame may see rise to offensive Poison and Steel type attacks, which were almost non-existent due to their poor coverage (asides from Scizor's Bullet Punch or Metagross's Meteor Mash and the likes). If this is true, the metagame will have a direct answer to Dragons while allowing some lesser offensive types to be seen more. If all done well, I think Fairy types would be a welcome addition to the current metagame. Although I do wish they would do something about Ice type's lack of resistances.

[sprite]039[/sprite] [sprite]183[/sprite] [sprite]282[/sprite]

These three (Jigglypuff, Marill, and Gardevoir) are also confirmed to have Fairy type added along their original Normal, Water, and Psychic typing, respectively. I don't want Azumarill to be neutral to Bullet Punch :(

So what are your thoughts to the new Fairy Type? How do you think it will affect the current metagame? Will they balance it out or will they break it? Or you do not wish for almighty Dragons to be under the mercy of some overinflated balloon?


Keep in mind that the only things confirmed are (as of 12 June 2013):

  • Fairy Godparents types exist
  • Sylveon is a Fairy type
  • Moonblast and Fairy Wind are two new Fairy attacks
  • Fairy types are super-effective against Dragon types
  • Jigglypuff, Marill, and Gardevoir have an additional Fairy type added to their primary typing

Rumoured speculations by other people that can be debunked once truth is confirmed (contradictory ideas are stated too)

  • Fairy types may be IMMUNE to Dragon attacks (if not, it is resistant)
  • Fairy types mayt be effective against Dark and Fighting types as well
  • Fairy types may actually just be neutral to Dark
  • Fairy types may not be effective on Fighting types either
  • Fairy types may be effective against Ice types
  • Fairy types may not be very effective against Psychic and Fire types
  • Fairy types may be weak to Poison and Steel type attacks (strong hints towards the former)


Pokemon XY Official Site Confirming Fairy Types

Trailer Briefly Covering Fairy Types

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My immediate thought is that Celebii and Jirachi should be fairy types. But they already have 2 types. I wonder if they'll do 3 types, replace a type, or just ignore it like Charizard and the dragon type.

Anyway, I'm interested to see if they confirm more Pokémon of that type.

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Seeing "MOONBLAST", I was hoping Cresselia would gain Fairy type so it'd be even more effective against Dragons (Garchomp's worst nightmare), and actually can fight off Darkrai as her lore says she is supposed to. Although I would not like that thing to be more to Scizor than it already is, particularly to Bullet Punch. U-turn/Pursuit already gives her nightmares.

You'd think all those pixies like Mew/Celebi and the likes would be Fairy too. Maybe, but I do not know if they'd go out of their way to change their established typing (it has been done with the Rotom forms) or add a third typing.

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With Fairy type now being revealed, and it being super effective against Dragons, the metagame will change entirely. No doubt, everyone will use the Fairies at first, depending on which pokemon will be revealed Fairies, but because of them be good against Dragons, and with everyone using a Dragon type, everyone will have to change around their teams.

No doubt, the Fairy type may be weak against Fighting and or Dark/Steel Pokemon.

As for other Fairy types, Clefairy and Snubbull are my fore-tellings. Clefairy has to be. If Jigglypuff is a fairy, then Clefairy has to be.

Three types....meh. I don't believe they'll introduce three type Pokemon. Gyarados and Charizard are begging to become part Dragon, as Iris believed Charizard was in the anime lol, but I don't think three type pokemon will be around until they make another generation (here's hoping).

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The rumours have it that Fairies are strong against Dark and Fighters and not weak to them, though I will not speak for certain.

Should the rumours regarding Fairy's type advantages be true, it looks like Fairies were designed JUST to take the three dominant types in this game: Dragons, Fighting, and to a lesser extent, Dark. Dark types keep Psychics from even being used much because Tyranitar and Scizor keeps Pursuiting everything to death. Fighters are... just fighters with strong coverage against nearly anything (Conkeldurr is a monster), and Dragons, as we know, tears anything to bits. I don't know why it should have an advantage against Dark, as adding another weakness that's so tight-knit within that side of the typing spectrum could prove fatal. And even so, their countermeasures (that have been rumoured) are Poison and Steel, the two types that are not very useful offensively but are quite useful defensively (since Poison resists Fighting, Bug, and Poison, some key types, and eats up Toxic Spikes), and Fairies are not very effective against Psychics. I don't see the Ghost type anywhere here (though I hope Ghost resists Fairy), but seeing all the potential types involved, one has to wonder if Fairies will overcentralise the metagame by having everybody pack at least one and a Fairy counter while everything starts packing random Iron Tails for them. It is quite curious.

Although Clefairy would be a fairy nominally, I hope it isn't. Or else Wigglytuff once more will not be used over Clefable for any reason, but it may be likely. Gah. Snubbull and the rest I can see. But if this means "Fairy egg type", you're going to get Fairy Glalies or Pikachus too. (Fairy Glalie will sound interesting because Gardevoir received a secondary typing where its alternate evolution already had one... same deal with Glalie). Something like Ninetales or Mismagius may even inherit the typing... and God forbid Blissey becomes one. It was always Dragons tearing it apart with strong physical attacks and now it will eat them for breakfast. Not to mention its newfound weakness to Bullet Punch. It... just will not be the same.

As for triple types, while it sounds nice as a novelty, it overcomplicates things. Adding Dragon typing to Gyarados... I don't think I want a Gyarados that is only 2x weak to electricity (if that is how it works)... nor do I want a Charizard not weak to Water. :|

Dual typed attacks are something to think about. Something like Fire/Water attack would be pretty nice, but I wonder how STAB or any of that factoring would work, because it sounds to be a little overpowered if double STAB is factored into it.

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While it is definitely super-effective on dragon, I am questioning whether or not it will be effective on dark. On the E3 video, Hydreigon was hit by a fairy type move by Gardevoir, who now gets stab and has pretty great special attack. Hydreigon only lost about slightly more than half it's health, so I don't think it's super effective on dark. Unless the move "fairy wind" Is a really, really weak move.

I welcome it with open arms, but I tihnk that if it is an offensive type it needs more weaknesses than just poison or steel. People will probably bring along more poisons now though, some of which Scissor may struggle to deal with (will that new Seahorse have high defence?) Also Talonflame. Nuff said.

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Most people are starting to believe Fairy is actually neutral to Dark and that Fairy Wind is some 60 BP move, or else Hydreigon would not survive the attack. I'm starting to believe it as well... unless it's the Fairy equivalent of Struggle Bug or something.

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Creepy Japanese play here (at around 44 minutes), but before Sylveon's type was known, it was quite hinted that it would be at a disadvantage vs Poison but strong against Ice. I really hope not for the sake of Ice types: they need more balancing (just what do they have against them?). Last thing they need is another weakness, but would do well to have another resistance (resisting Fairy would be pretty cool).

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Fairy should at least be resisted by two-three types. Here are some thoughts off the top off my head.

Super Effective on:

Fighting and Dragon

Not Very Effective On:

Fire Poison Grass and Psychic


Resistant to:

Fairy Dragon (Resistant or Immune, preferably resistant imo)


We know that Fairy is already good on Dragon. My assumption for this is because Dragons are for the most part very violent, with some exceptions such as the Dragonite family (and oddly enough Haxorus). Pokemon such as Hydreigon, Salamence, Noivern, Garchomp, etc, are quite violent and perhaps ruthless. However I think it may be the light type a lot of people wanted. It fits into the universe perfectly considering the abundance of fairy-like Pokemon, but the issue is how it plays out.

Fairy may be the peacekeeping type, since there is no good guy type. While fighting Pokemon are not necessarily evil, it's still fighting. Fairy may be about preventing such a thing from happening, but I'm not sure. Also, one of the fairy type moves is to take power from the moon... That may hint with their lore and background. Fairy types may have to do with space or cosmic energy too. I personally thought that Fairy should be a defensive type, but we'll see.

I did not elaborate on my personal opinion on the type. A lot of people may hate the type because it is too cutesy, or that it may disrupt the balance. I mean, the balance was just that good before, with what, pretty much NOTHING stopping Haxorus in it's tracks after it DDed a few times, and having access to Earthquake with Fire Punch? Also, there was no "goody-two-shoes" type beforehand, so it makes sense that they added a type for an type of creature already existent. I'm worried how it will balance out, but if what the rumors or "insider information" states, the type may actually be very bad defensively considering it only has one resistance (dragon immunity). It doesn't even resist itself. if it's weak to ice, and if Ice is super effective on it, that may make sense.

I'm also starting to think that Xerneas will be part fairy, considering that there's a pure fairy type that accompanies flowers.

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I can't say I personally agree with adding the fairy type, but it is done and official, so nothing can be done there.

I really hope that fairy is not immune to dragon, I don't like immunities as it is, and resisitant is fine. As for the types rumoured to be strong against fairy, they do need a boost.

I also think there will be a fairy gym leader.

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I'll be honest and say I am quite bothered at "cutesy wutsy" destroying something that is established as a ferocious, rip apart with no prejudice dragons, which I think is some other form of subversion, but you all know as well as I do Dragons needed balancing. Though here in the East (中/朝鮮/日本 area) faeries of our folklore are not exactly little pixies/sprites that you'd think would be gobbled by a dragon in a second. Although even in the West, Morgan le Fay (key word Fay), Titania, Oberon and other manifestations of faeries were not "cutesy wutsy" and may have suffered the "cherubim" effect where otherwise scary fiery creatures seen in the prophet Ezekiel's vision have become rendered into all but tiny naked puttos with wings and less-than-intimidating bows & arrows. But I digress. The fairy type of Pokemon seem to reflect the feminine and cutesy/wutsy things for the most part, while stereotypical dragons are ferocious looking and vicious by nature (Dragonite being a major exception). As a type to balance out the Dragon centralised metagame, I will say it is needed, should it be immune to Dragon as they think it is. Even if just resistant, at least these types could actually strike back and do something, unlike Skarmory who will be put into KO range after taking 2 boosted Outrages and phazing its Dragon type foe out.

Even though nothing about Fairies other than the fact it has an advantage against Dragons is confirmed, I am still quite worried about the major impact it can bring to the metagame. What if it becomes the new "Dragon" / "Water" / "Normal" where it has a WIDE neutral coverage? I do not think it was even mentioned it was not every effective against Steels (though I think it might due to Steel's nature of resisting nearly everything that isn't super effective to them). It is going to make the core types of the metagame uncomfortable or comfortable, but I think it would be wise if it would not be super-effective against Dark (and please stop giving Ice types more weaknesses than it already has!). However, I will reserve judgement until actual information regarding this type comes, but my biggest worry is the potential of it being gamebreaking.

inb4 Cosmic Power becomes Fairy type

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Since all of hell and heaven talk about fairy type, i guess i should state my opinion too.

Dragons... Hard to raise but worth the effort according to some of the games. I used to love it since it was difficult indeed to train them (requiring 125 000 Exp. to reach level 100). However, not only did they ruin the Trading Card Game with all of the Dragon Exs but with the recent generation gameplay competitive battles. They crippled the battle strategies so bad that every kid has an op Garchomp, Black/white Kyurem that lays waste to your poor 6 pokes unfortunate to be against it. But being the short tempered person i am i cannot say that i am all for the fairy type. I am sure that there would have been a better choice for a name of the type. I am 21 and i don't want some pixies breaking necks of dragons... or at least i am OK for Gardevoir to be it... But... fairy type... F___king REALY?! I was hoping for a Light type that would be neutral to Dark... I guess it would be fine if Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, Manaphy and Shaymin get it...

We really shouldn't complain since GameFreak noticed the over used Dragons and decided to do something about it. Its their attempt at fixing the game i know. That is till the next gen, when we all know they will remove some elements and add new one that will unbalance it even more...

Note to Wraith...

I predict a fairy Happiny ... You know what follows...



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I think we're all over bashing the Fairy type.

Before Gen 4 and 5, the only good Dragon was Salamence/Rayquaza and maybe Latias/Latios. Beside Salamence and the occasional Dragonite, I rarely battled any other Dragon. Flygon/Altaria were practically non-existent on the battle front (still are). Then with Gen 4 and the arrival of Garchomp, the need to have a Dragon Type Pokemon on the teams exploded and everyone used one.

Again this happened once Gen 5 was released and Hydreigon/Haxorus/Reshiram/Zekrom/Kyurem came into play.

The power of Dragons doubled and now nearly everyone has some type of Dragon on their team.

This might become the case with the Fairy pokemon. We're all bashing them because of them being Cutesy, but, they could in fact be (and probably will be) meta-game changers. If Fairies are able to destroy the Dragon types, everyone will start using the Fairies. Gardevoir/Azumarill/Wigglytuff (and possibly Clefable/Granbull) will see a huge resurgence on the competitive field, teams will change and they will become one of the best types to use in recent years (up alongside Fighting/Dragons/Water/Fire/Psychic).

As for Blissey becoming a Fairy Type...I'd say it's extremely likely that it will. If Blissey were to become a Fairy, I'd say it could become one of (if not the best) battler in competitive play. It's HP and Sp.Def are already through the roof. Giving it power over Dragons would lead it to become one the greatest pokemon (over statement perhaps, but true).

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Hm, Tbird does bring up a good point. Fairies or no fairies, Dragons are still quite powerful, and was feared for their generally high stats and high base powered moves like Outrage and Draco Meteor, hitting nearly anything that isn't Steel type for neutral or above damage. Anything else would get roasted by the auxiliary Fire Blast or shaken by Earthquake. However, should Fairies be immune, people would have to think twice before using any of the aforementioned moves. Not to mention, Dragon Dance + Outrage != easy insta-win (Steels did resist Dragons, but asides from things like Empoleon, you would be hard pressed to do anything against them back). They will still be used a lot, no doubt, due to their versatility and overall power. Steels will still take care of Fairies anyways (should Steels be effective against Fairies). I do not know if the balancing will work then unless Fairies are paired with random Fire types or place HP Fire / Focus Blast / etc all over their moveslots.

Yes codm8ker, Dragon types became more prevalent after Gen IV. In fact, it was mostly due to the Physical/Special split and the buffing of Outrage that made these Dragons ferocious monsters. Before that, yes, Dragons were interesting and powerful in stats, and Salamence was probably one of the better ones, but people would prefer other types of Pokemon. Some others like Dragonite had to resort to something like Double-Edge and weird moves to compensate for their lack of physical STAB options (lack of STAB options hurt Pokemon badly). Dragonite had wide coverage, but lacked STAB nor boosting moves to utilise them effectively, really. Flygon was cool because it was the only Dragon/Ground... until they put that stupidly overpowered Garchomp who doesn't even have Dragon Dance, but 102 speed, the bulk of Swampert, and access to SD was enough to get that thing booted to Ubers. Then came all these other noob Dragons like Haxorus (who wasn't even the psuedolegend but was stupidly overpowered, despite "low" 97 speed and "low bulk") and Dragons of the uber level was quite frightening. Actually, it's all about speed for the Dragons. You can OHKO every other Dragons you meet with a Draco Meteor if you are faster (provided it doesn't miss or anything of course). Actually, even a single Dragon Claw can do the frailer ones in, and setting up basically meant you can GG the entire opponent's team if their Steels (the only type that resists Dragon) was out of commission. Forget Stealth Rocks: it's a Dragon's world. I mean, I don't mind really... because Dragons were meant to be powerful and all (evident by the lack of "lower dragons" asides from things like Altaria or Druddigon), but I do think it focus'd the metagame into "Dragon vs Steel" kind of false dichotomy indeed. Though there were other mini battles such as Dark vs Psychic vs Fighting vs Ghost and Fire vs Water vs Grass, and most notoriously, the weather wars (which they still need to do something about), ultimately everybody and their mothers were using Dragons and Steels. Didn't they ban Salamence and Garchomp in the previous generations?

Sorry, I cannot get over pixies slaying magnificent ultimate dragons. I know, things have most unexpected weaknesses, but did it have to be "Fairy"? Since I'm an Easterner, it has different connotations than what usual Westerners would think and so you'd think I'd be okay with Fairies, but... eh. I'm okay with Gardevoir becoming Fairy, but now Scizor's Bullet Punch would OHKO it (if it's weak to Steel). And that makes me wonder... if Fairies are indeed weak to Steel, that would just consolidate Scizor's place as #1 overused Pokemon even more. Or... we'd see rise of Flash Cannon Heatrans and some other random stuff. I don't know if one type would be a reason enough to get Steel / Poison attacks to become mainstream, but should Fairies become popular enough... maybe. But even then, many Dragons had a hard time dealing with Scizor itself too... whose best counter is probably things like Moltres or Jellicent. I wonder if Fairy's type influence stretches over to Ghost types too (hoping it is ineffective), though it is said it is ineffective against Fire and Psychic.

Blissey becoming Fairy may become just about my worst nightmare. She can now laugh at Outrages, but has a newfound weakness to Scizor's Bullet Punch yet again. Eww. I am hoping for Cresselia to become part Fairy. She won't become just another random Psychic that cannot do anything, but would become the ultimate Dragon slayer with that bulk and access to Ice Beam. Things like Mismagius or Togekiss becoming fairies... mmm. I'd sure like Togekiss to become one (Fairy/Flying type), as the genericness of Normal type is bothersome. Not to mention there are random Psychics that overlap with each others' roles. Hypno, Musharna, Elgyem and the likes, for example, are ridiculously boring because one plays just like the other. It is just how it is.

I only hope they do this whole typing chart balancing right. One wrong resistance/weakness and things may turn out all skewy. I also hope that their neutral coverage is not like a replacement of Dragon type's neutral coverage and therefore become the new Dragons. And I still think Water may be one of the best types due to their versatility, high neutral coverage, and abundance.

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I had a problem with the whole thing about Fairies being strong against Dragons.

I got to thinking about it. What if we're looking at it wrong? Maybe it's not about Fairies "Slaying" Dragons. Maybe they hold some kind of power over Dragons. Maybe Fairies, in the Pokemon world, have a greater control over Dragons.

This is what could make them stronger.

We have to keep in mind that this is Nintendo's version of Fairies.

Btw, I would love for Electric Types to have another weakness. O.o...

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Nuuuu... Granbull is a pwetty faiwy :3

I know it is verboten to post something about Digimon here but... what Mewtwo said above... the Fairy vs Dragon thing reminded me of this:

(Yes, Dragons / Dinosaurs I would consider the same thing)

Electrics with more weakness? Yeah, I don't like how it only has one weakness (a Fire weakness I would like), but whatever. I'm more concerned about Ice types and their lack of resistance and weakness to some of the more common attacks.

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Why would electric be weak against fire? :/

I'm surprised there isn't an electric type move that burns, but hey, we don't necessarily NEED another version of scald (but Lorsh thinks it would be neat)

Electricity burns and can fry people, so I don't know why it would be weak to fire. If anything it should resist it.

As for the actual topic, I think fairies have power over dragons, because physically it would seem absurd. Think of bug types on Psychic types. At first it seems absolutely absurd, but I remember a "did you know gaming" that said that it makes sense because bugs are a common fear. As a kid I thought bugs would literally "bug" the psychic and cause them to become frustrated and therefore lose focus, but that still doesn't make total sense. It would also explain the ability "rattled". This goes for ghosts and to a lesser extent dark types, although I would consider dark types the "under-the-radar" or "sneaky" type, not the "evil" type.

I think fairies should be weak to ghost types, that'd make sense. Weak to ghost, poison, and maybe steel, although the latter doesn't make sense, unless it is seen as industrialization which destroys forests. I say this because Sylphs are forest fairies, but if the forest becomes destroyed and becomes mechanical, no more forest faries, presumably. Fairies could actually be based on earthly energies, or cosmic energies, but who knows.

If the type chart that has been suggested is true, than it would actually be somewhat fair that Fairy types are good on a lot of types and immune to dragons but not resistant to many types. But we will have to see. It would be a great type offensively (which at least right now looks kinda ironic, being cute so far), but defensively it might be really bad. Dragons are actually quite good defensively, for they resist fire, water, grass, and electric. If I say so myself that is actually a pretty good combination. On paper it may sound cheap... but maybe it won't be.

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In some renditions of other Japanese game franchise, Fire did have advantage over Electricity (or sometimes Ice beat Electricity, or Plant beat Electricity). Not to mention, those triads of Fire-Water-Electric would be complete where Fire would trump Electricity (like the legendary beasts of Johto), though it'd break Fire-Ice-Electric circle where Fire dominates both (although with the Kanto birds Zapdos beats the other two anyways... and learns Heat Wave too... but who even thinks about that? Even so, most Ice are paired with Water typing, so it gets gangbanged by both Fire/Electricity anyways). The raw power of Fire, I'd think, would be stronger than Electricity anyways, but of course, I know they wouldn't do this because that means Reshiram > Zekrom or something... and that'd bring further disparity. Not that Electivire/Magmortar was already ripe with disparities, now is there? Hm? But since nobody wants Fire or Electricity to have an adverse relationship with each other, Grass may be more suitable as a weakness, imo. Or even Water... but that would be horrible for the balance. I don't like how Electrics stand out with "one weakness", which to me made no sense (Electrics always seem to get some sort of a special treatment), but for balance's sakes (as Electricity really doesn't resist much nor strikes more than 2 types for super effective), we can leave it at that...

Oh dear God, Sableye/Spiritomb getting a weakness to Fairy (should Fairy be good on Dark) would not be right. How about Ghost resist Fairy? In fact, I haven't seen nor heard of anything about the Ghost part of the Fighting-Dark-Psychic-Ghost circle to have any relationship with Fairy as of yet, but I think it should at least resist Fairy, or even have an advantage against Fairy as you say.

I just think of it as Fairies' resists are not revealed. If it is neutral to nearly everything, then it's quite broken, and might as well be the next Dragon. But what I'm seeing here is the rise of Steel types should Fairies' popularity rise. Good grief, not another Scizor Spam-a-Bullet-Punch-a-thon!

Dragons are the "ultimate" type, so I do like how it resists the four "primary" elements of Fire/Water/Electric/Grass and strikes neutral on nearly anything. And how most of them learn Hyper Beam naturally, which is cool.

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