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idea Pokemon: Shining Waters & Pokemon: Hazing Flames

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Welcome to Pokemon Steam, a game that will be so big, it can't fit into one ROM! To fix this problem, we're splitting it into Shining Waters and Hazing Flames; the two components used to make Steam! Follow along as a huge ROM project unfolds to reveal an extremely unique set of games!


Welcome to the vast region of Charpa! Set on the Polkan Peninsula, this region has something for everyone to enjoy! From it's large mountains to it's vast forests, there really is the comfort from any type of home you could want here, including the Greenblue Island Range within boating distance! Go on a journey, where you'll meet all kinds of Pokemon, Friends, and even some Enemies along the way!


All-new region of Charpa


Pokemon with new (Pr)evolutions!

All New Characters

An Involving Storyline

The 'Evil Team', Team Next

New OW and Battle Sprites

And Much More!




PapayaPerson - Storyline, "Director", Fakemon Ideas/Design

Endrasa (DeviantART) - Spriting

Reshilegend - Mapping, Tile Inserting, Fakemon Ideas/Design

BeederKaru (Pokebay) - Beta Testing


None as of yet! ;D


None yet. Keep checking back!





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I think its dead lol

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Well, now that I know that there is a thread for this hack here as well, I'll be posting updates from time to time. I'm working with Papayaperson on this project btw, as mapper, tile inserter and spriter. We've been struggling to find a scripter, so if there's one dedicated person that wants to help completing this, let me know.

Nice to meet everyone n_n

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:bidoof::bidoof:WOW looks great I'll lets play the games once there released!

Sounds great! It will take a while before we release a playable demo though, cause we're adding lots of details. Hope you stay tuned anyways!

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