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idea Pokemon EVlution (Pokemon White Edit)

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(This is my first edit of a Pokemon game and my first post in the forum, so if i'm not allowed to post this then please remove it with my complete understanding)


(White hack)

"Set in the Unova Region, you and your friends have just received an Eevee as your first Pokemon. Your task? To journey through the Unova Region and defeat the eight (technically eleven) Gym Leaders and stop the dastardly Team Plasma and their leader N!"


  • Pokedex
    The game features a slightly edited original 150 Pokedex, with only a few exceptions, e.g., not enough Ghost-type pokemon for the Ghost-type using Elite 4 member.
  • Eevee
    This game features Eevee as a universal starter pokemon. It will have an edited moveset and slightly higher stats as you will not be able to evolve until you reach Castelia City to obtain an evolution stone. To correspond with the Grass/Water/Fire theme, you can only evolve it into Leafeon, Vaporeon or Flareon at the start, unless you wish to wait and find the Thunderstone (for Jolteon), Dawn Stone (for Espeon) and Dusk Stone (for Umbreon) later in the game. Of course, because of the ability to chose the final type of your starter, the Rival's teams will be a secret untill you play further into the game.
  • Eeveelutions
    Because of the risk or not getting a same-type move when you evolve your starter, three TMs will be available up to the Skyarrow Bridge that will correspond to the Eeveelution you chose. They will be Flame Charge, Water Pulse and Grass Knot (unless I can script the TM into Razor Leaf).
  • Gym Leaders
    Gym Leaders will have alternate teams for slightly added difficulty, but they will keep their types. All I can say about the Gym Leaders is that Cilan, Cress and Chili will use Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Charmander respectively.
  • Pokemon
    Some Pokemon will have higher stats or a better movesets, e.g, Butterfree, Beedrill and Eevee. Some will also have changes to how they're evolved. You no longer need to trade to evolve Pokemon, and some Pokemon will not evolve with stones, e.g., Nidorino and Nidorina will evolve at lv34 instead of with a Moon Stone.
  • Difficulty
    The game isn't necessarily designed to be a much difficult version of the original game, it's more designed for an alternate experience to the game.
  • Team
    The game places emphasis on having a team of Pokemon instead of steaming through with a single Pokemon. This'll be to add more fun to the game, but it's completely up to you how you navigate the game.


Wild Pokemon 100%

Trainer Pokemon 100%

Movesets 100%

Evolving Methods 100%

Text 5%

TM/HMs 5%


A Beta will be released as soon as the internet is back on in my home and when a Beta is ready for release. I promise that this will NOT be a hack that just gets a mention and then is forgotten, or is only designed to be played up to the second gym because the creator has quit the project.


End of June/Start of July

I shall keep everybody posted when I can!

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Nice job, I was going to make a HGSS hack with a kind of RBY theme(RBY 2: New Adventures (a jhoto adventure with Red and friends and with kanto gyms placed in spots in kanto)) and still am(although before I saw this thread) I love the idea please continue it, I am at least decent at 5th gen editing (at least except TMs/HMs PLUS I can do move edits) so I could help if you need the help just PM me the patch :) love this so far, DON'T LET THIS DIE, my thread simply died because I thought nuzlocke forums was a better place for it and its updates.

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