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white 2 Pokemon Hoenn White 2 - The sequel to R/S/E


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Pokémon Hoenn White 2

The sequel to Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald

Created by KingDrapion


Hack Details:


Hack Name: Pokémon Hoenn White 2

Hack of: Pokémon White 2 (U)

Current Version: Beta 2.2

Last Update: 25/05/13

The Plot:


Five long years after the events that took place in the Hoenn Region and two years after N and a mysterious trainer challenged each other with the Heroes of Unova, a trainer from Aspertia City was to take their first steps of his/her journey through the Unova region. The day begins when the trainer’s mother tells them that a person named May was going to give them a Pokémon. So he/she sets off to find her, meeting up with their childhood friend along the way who assists in searching for May. When found, May will introduce to you three Pokémon which will be the trainers partner for their journey. The trainer will travel Unova and face many new challenges along the way.

During the time periods between the events of Hoenn to the present, many things have taken place. Brendan from the Hoenn Region began a journey of his own in Unova, and was assigned to become the Gym leader of Aspertia City. May was transferred to Unova to become the assistant of Professor Juniper. Team Aqua and Team Magma also appear. After failing in Hoenn, Team Aqua continued to pursue their goals of flooding the world; they joined forces with Ghetsis and Colress to achieve that goal in Unova. Team Magma learned from their mistakes, and so followed Team Aqua to prevent them from disturbing the balance of land and sea.

Will Team Aqua finally achieve their goals? Or will they be stopped once again?



> A whole new storyline never seen before on a B2W2 hack! Travel through a new Unova region and take on the challenges that await you!

> An upgraded Hoenn Pokedex. All Pokemon from the Hoenn dex will be in the game as well as selected non Hoenn Pokemon for balancing reasons.

> Hoenn Starters: Torchic, Treecko and Mudkip. Which one will you choose for your journey?

> Difficulty is increased drastically. Gym leaders as well as trainers will certainly test your skills as a Pokemon trainer!

> Remixed Hoenn Themes. Listen to your favourite Hoenn themes and be hit with nostalgia.

> Edited Pokémon Stats and abilities (For balancing reasons). Now you can choose your favourite Pokemon and not worry about its stats!

> Edited Pokémon Move Sets. The move sets for Pokemon are similar to those in Drayano's Blaze Black 2/Volt White 2.

> Revamped Hoenn sprites. See the beauty of animated Hoenn sprites.

> Challenge the Hoenn Gym leaders (Like you can in Drayano’s Blaze B2 Volt W2). A bonus feature of the hack, the Hoenn Gym leaders are much harder than the Unova leaders.

> Old faces: Hoenn people will be put into the game (Only in complete version). Have a more Hoenn experience by seeing revamped Hoenn people that appeared in R/S/E.



Storyline: 100% (May be a few minor errors)

Music: 70%


Wild Pokémon Edits: 70%

Trainer Pokémon Edits: 70%

Overall Progress: 82%




Download Beta 2.2:



Can be played up to Skyla.

Do not enter the aeroplane to travel to Reversal Mountain!

Recommended Emulator:


Desmume 0.9.9 JIT



1. Is this a RSE Remake? NO – It is a sequel.

2. Is this in the Hoenn Region? No – This will be set in the Unova region.

3. Do we play as Brendan/May? No – I have replaced Cheren and Bianca with Brendan and May instead.

4. Will you make it so Team Magma is evil in another hack? No

5. Will you change the main characters? Possibly – It is not my main priority yet though.

6. When is the next/full release? When I finish it.

7. Who made the Team Aqua Sprites? I did, do you like them?



Drayano – I got permission to use his hacks as a base ROM

WesleyFG – For the Hoenn overworld graphics

PkmnSoundFontRemix – For the remixed Hoenn themes

PKMNRemixStudio – For remixed Hoenn themes

TheCoolMuffins – For Beta testing, finding errors and giving me recommendations



These are minor bugs:

Text errors – Due to be some

Graphic errors – Due to be some

Music errors – Due to be some

Remember, this is not a REMAKE, it is a SEQUEL!

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