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I've managed to make a patch for the Battle Subway for BW & BW2.

The list with changes made by me are at this link:


Here's what the patch does:

-Increase number of Pokemon in database to 1612

-All trainers in Normal line have a huge Pokemon roster

-Few Super Line Pokemon were edited in terms of moveset, items and EV spread

-Partner Pokemon roster is 464 (310 in Attack and 154 in Defense)

NOTE: If you already have a patched rom, such as BlazeBlack2... don't worry. Use the NitroExplorer to extract the narcs from the clean rom that's been patched for the Battle Subway and reinsert them in the rom you're currently playing.

Leave feedback and any suggestions of who should I fix in the Super Line and enjoy fighting in the ultimate Battle Subway.



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thank you

Edit: after testing i can say the battle subway is way more enjoyable now , again great work

Edited by Scorpio

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