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Managing Wonder Card Data


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EDIT: I meant to post this thread in the PokeGen forum. Since I was looking at the Saves forums, I ended up posting it here unintentionally. I apologize for the inconvenience.

I've got a lot of questions regarding 4th Gen Mystery Gift Wonder Cards and PokeGen. Answer only what you're sure of. I don't expect you to know the answer to everything. Here we go...

When you "Trash" WCs through the game, their information is still registered in the game. I believe this is called Partial Data?

1. Is it possible to check what Wonder Card partial data your game still has? How?

2. Is it possible to wipe the game clean of all Wonder Card data, current and partial, without having to create a New Game? How?

3. Whenever I activate one pcd file in the game with AR, it seems to replace an older Wonder Card with the newer one and creates an empty card with an info on its backside that says "d_d_d_d_d_d_d_d_". Is this because I'm not using the Used Wonder Card ID section of Pokegen correctly? Or are these two problems not related?

4. I'm not familiar with the Used Wonder Card ID section. I'll have to do some trial-and-error with it to figure it out, but do you know of any guide that explains it well?

5. What's the correct way of adding Wonder Cards to your game in a way that won't cause glitches like empty cards to show up in my game? In other words, how to correctly PokeGen Wonder Cards as if you were receiving them through legit means?

Thank you for your time.

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Don't worry. Although everyone posts in the Pokegen forum, this is actually the correct place to ask. The Pokegen forum is only for questions or suggestions about the program itself, not how to edit your save files.

Each wonder card has an ID. When that's added as a used ID, the game recognizes that you received the gift. Remove those IDs to receive an event again.

As for number 3, I'm not sure what you did...

Be sure you are generating the AR code for the right card.

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