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Pokemon 6th Gen - What would you like in a story?


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Title thread says it all.

Open to discussion of all kinds, so long as anything said is suggested! Total intolerance is to be shunned! Feel free to suggest almost anything.... ALMOST ANYTHING.

Will write my own perspective soon. So, to get started:

1) What generation had a strong storyline or plot? Consider villains, depth, impact, length, events, etc

2) What do you hope in Gen 6? Do you want something like Gen 5, Gen 1, Gen 90? Or do you want something entirely different! Discuss!

For me:

1) Gen 5. Most character development, moral dilemmas, good length, exciting resolution

2) More on this later.

(I am a writer and I think about what Pokemon could be good for in terms of story-telling).

Alternate: What would you want in a Pokemon show?

I put this in creative discussion as it is still creative discussion... It is an expansion of ideas and such.

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For me, I wish this generation would encompass all previous regions. By this I mean collecting all gym badges, via traveling to other regions.

I understand that this would more than likely have to be split onto two cartridges at least, but I think that fans would enjoy this.

Also, we are in desperate need for some tougher baddies. Team Rocket from Gen 1 and 2. Sure, in Gold/Silver and their respective remakes, they were okay since their storyline was longer, spanning two regions...then came Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald and the emergence of Team Aqua/Magma. They were too easy to defeat. Seriously. Then came Diamond/Pearl/Platinum with Team Galactic. Far too easy in my opinion.

Finally, Black and White (2) and Team Plasma. Yeah, these guys were a little bit tougher, kinda going back to Team Rocket, but their pokemon were nearly always the same ones: Watchog, Liepard, Trubbish etc. They were annoying, battling the same ones.

Sure N and Ghetsis gave you a good battle, but we are in need of tougher baddies who are on the level of hair pulling frustration to get by.

As for the Pokemon. Well, battling against Legendaries should be a lot tougher and by this I mean longer or you should have to use a different Legend from a different region to help you catch one. They should have it so that just when you are about to throw a pokeball, they break out and flee, just like Raikou, Entei and Suicune used to do (that used to drive me nuts). That would give the whole 'Legend' corner a bit more realism; obviously they should be tough to catch.

Overall, I think the story should feature a lot of twists and turns, a lot of different bad guys with different Pokemon so that you never know what you're going to be battling. Maybe even include a character who you think is your friend, but is the ultimate baddy....that would be great.

So that's what I would like in the new games.

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Nice thread (no sarcasm intended)

I wonder when a backstabber rival will be available... Making Pokemon from DNA of a hair / Researching and modifying ancient fossils into war machines... Nintendo went too close to the light in my taste. Why not something like an evil Cheren/Bianca that causes you trouble mid-game?...

I wish Santa would bring me a R/S/E remake since 2007. However i don't know if my chimney is small or something, because i haven't received it yet? Wonder if Pokemon is trying to beats its Long awaited game remake record - G/S - 10 Years.

Ruby & Sapphire - 2003 - next one 2013

Or maybe 2015 because of Emerald -2005 ...

I wish there was a way to transfer all the pokedex data between games. It has become more than tedious to have to fill it every time a new remake/game comes out to have to fill the damn thing over and over. Mind you that i don't even mention the trade system since that is on a whole another level of annoying...

I want a R/S/E remake with original pokedex - Like Fr/Lg has/had.


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