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Pokemon Gen work for Black 2 Action Replay


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1. Create the Pokemon

2. Set the Pokemon (I prefer in a PC box and not in Party)

3. Under 'Tools' select 'Code Generator'

4. Set Game and Language that the code is going on (Black 2 and your games language, Default is English)

5. Set the code activation button/buttons

6. Under 'Generate codes for' check 'Selected Pokemon' (the pokemon will be generated in the PC box/slot you set it)

7. Click 'Generate'

8. If more than one Pokemon is 'Set' then choose the Specific Pokemon you want from the drop down menu above the code to view that Pokemon's code.

9. If using AR Code Manager (recommended due to code lengths) Click 'Copy' then you can paste (Ctrl+V) into the Code Generator

Note: Due to the Length of the codes you can only Generate codes for single Pokemon, not whole groups. It may be time consuming, but you should only try to activate 1 code at a time as using multiple codes with the same activation button can cause the game to crash.

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