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Major Pokemon Event Happening in South Korea


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A new pokemon event has been announced at Korean Time of July 2nd, 2009. The name of the event in English is directly translated into "2009 Pokemon, Exciting Adventure" [Korean: 2009 포켓몬 두근두근 어드벤처 = 2009 Po Ket Mon Du Guun Du Guun A Du Ben Chur]. As far as I know, there will by total of three events that will be distributed.

There are five zones/areas where the visitors can attend in this event. Five zones are Stage [스테이지 = Su Te I Gi], Shaymin Zone [쉐이민존 = Shae I Min Zone], Play Zone [플레이존 = Ple Le I Zone], Game Zone [게임존 = Ge Im Zone], Friendly Shop [프렌들리숍 = Pu Ren Dul Li Shoup].

DATE: July 24th (Friday) ~ July 26th (Sunday)

TIME: 10 AM ~ 6 PM (Friday and Saturday [8 Hours]), 10 AM ~ 5 PM (Sunday [7 Hours])

PLACE: Seoul, South Korea, COEX 3rd Floor HALL C (Hall of Atlantic Ocean) and HALL D (Convention Hall) [seoul Character and Lie Sun Sing Fair 2009] My Pokemon Booth

If you want any details go to WWW.CHARACTERFAIR.CO.KR

L Official Site shows this but currently, the website does not exist. I will wait and see.

1. Stage [스테이지 = Su Te I Gi]

There will be guys who dressed up as Pikachu and Piplup in the entrance of this zone. They will greet the visitors. At different times, there will be pokemon game, TV Movie, and animation quizzes. If you win one of this quiz, you will be able to get 'Pokemon Present Set'. I don't know if they are toys or something else.

2. Shaymin Zone [쉐이민존 = Shae I Min Zone]

There is an event noting that visitors can write a letter thanking another person. This letter can be summitted to the staff of the event. Since Shaymin is a thanking pokemon, they are holding this event. The website says as more letters are summitted, the visitors can see the appearance of Shaymin changing. Furthermore, among the people who summitted the letter, 10 people will be chosen. Staff will be giving a Bouquet from the movei 'Shaymin and the Sky Warrior' and Shaymin Gift.

3. Play Zone [플레이존 = Ple Le I Zone]

There will be five attractions and you get to collect stamps. The stamp you will get is determined by the teamwork of your 4 friends in each attraction. If you obtain all the stamps in the event, you will be able to get a limited special gift.

4. Game Zone [게임존 = Ge Im Zone]

A place where you can play pokemon trades and battles with other visitors. In the game zone, you can get special event pikachu and secret key for Platinum.

5. Friendly Shop [프렌들리숍 = Pu Ren Dul Li Shoup]

Place to buy pokemon plush dolls and Shaymin dolls.

NO interesting details of BATTLE SERIES 2009 and Event Movie Shaymin is released.

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So the 3 events will be a Shaymin, a special Pikachu and the secret key? And then there are the Munchlax and Feebas? Wow... I'm cheering on you Orcamania, gotta get 'em all :D...

Sadly, I am not able to get Munchlax and Feebas at the distribution event. It would be great if I lived 30 minutes away from the place where event is occuring, but I live 4 hours and 30 minutes away. I might able to go to this event if I get lucky, but currently I have no means of transportation to get to Seoul, the capital city. I could go by a train that takes me to Seoul in 2 hours. However, I am under age of 19 and can't get a train ticket by myself.

I'm kind of confused as to which Pokemon events will be distributed. Mind clarifying so I can write the article?

There are 3 events that will be distributed.

1. Special Event Pikachu -> There is no specific details so far

2. Movie Shaymin -> Also no specific details

3. Korean Pokemon Platinum Secret Key

*No specific details means that the information regarding event pokemon's ingame properties such as OT, ID#, Moves, Nature, etc. has not yet been confirmed by the official site.

Nope, im not from korea but im just a little curious coz u seem to e able to read korean ;) By the way do you know where i can order korean pokemon games online?

Thanks ;)

As for the english website that sells Korean Pokemon Platinum, I have no idea. :(

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What level will the Munchlax and Feebas be? Also, today's the last day of distribution, hope someone dumps the event.

Ok. It seems that few of the members in the forum is confused of what is ACTUALLY HAPPENING by Nintendo of Korea.

The distribution of NoK Feebas and Munchlax is separate from this event.

I strongly state that the distribution of NoK Feebas and Munchlax is at July 4th and 5th. As of Korean time, it is officially over.

The event of "2009 Pokemon, Exciting Adventure" starts at July 24th ~ 26th.

Again, I note: there is 2 separate even in South Korea.


I hope this chart clarifies some confusions.

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Source: pokemonkorea.co.kr

I don't think it is important to people who are not going but I thought it would be worth posting because the picture/map of the event relates to the event.

- Green: Shaymin Zone

- Red: Game Zone

- Blue: Friendly Shop

- Light Purple: Stage

- Yellow: Play Zone

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