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Hey! Let me start off by letting you view three pokemon of mine that I am proud of:

Slaking with Choice Band

-Giga Impact

Honchkrow with Scope Lens and Super Luck ability

-Night Slash

-Sucker Punch

-Aerial Ace

-Dark Pulse

Blissey with Leftovers and Serene Grace

-Seismic Toss


-Thunder Wave


Slaking is a VERY powerful normal pokemon and with the VERY powerful Giga Impact it makes it even more insane! And then the choice band amplifies that power by 150%, so this attack is insanely powerful, if this pokemon's speed stat is high, its a greater starter to hit them hard and quick!

Honchkrow is focused on critical hits, which are really common with its Super Luck ability, Scope Lens, and Night Slash attack. Easily a lucky powerhouse.

Blissey only needs to focus on speed and, its greatest asset, HP. Blissey is basically impenetrable from a single attack or a few because of its enormous HP stat! Who needs defense stats when HP covers it? And even then, minimize and thunder wave on the opponent makes the "defense" even less penetrable. Softboiled for any patchwork jobs, and seismic toss, which gives a constant attack power so there's no need at all for attack stats! Great defense pokemon to be the backbone of the team, the last one.

Please comment on these!

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