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Weekly Poll #2: Dragonite vs. Salamence


Dragonite or Salamence?  

9034 members have voted

  1. 1. Dragonite or Salamence?

    • Dragonite
    • Salamence
    • Both! Why not have two awesome dragons?
    • Neither. They're both unfitting for my tastes.
    • Dragonair. Why did Dragonair have to evolve?
    • Shelgon. Why did Shelgon have to evolve?
    • Option 7
    • Wraith89 has NO idea what he's talking about.

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So here we have two Pokemon that are inevitably compared with each other...

[sprite]149[/sprite] [shinysprite]149[/shinysprite]


Type: Dragon/Flying

HP: 91

Atk: 134

Def: 95

SpA: 100

SpDef: 100

Spe: 80

BST: 600

Based on the friendly Chinese dragon


- Looks much cuter :P

- It possess a whole bunch of support moves

- It has a much larger offensive movepool

- Inner Focus can help against Fake Out users

- Is a bit more bulkier than Salamence in general

- Can play many roles, such as sweeper, cleric, supporter, wall, etc...

- It is friendly to its trainer and saves drowning people

- One of the original 150s :)


- 4x weakness to Ice

- Stat distribution suggests offensive beast, but is largely outclassed by Salamence in that manner

- Dragon Dance + Outrage combo now stolen by Salamence

- Is often looked over for its lack of speed

- Evolved from a beautiful elegant blue serpentine dragon into an orange barney-esque Pokemon (LOL)

- Ability doesn't help as much as Salamence's

- Evolves later than Salamence and is banned in official tournaments

- Shiny form looks bizarre (subjective really)

[sprite]373[/sprite] [shinysprite]373[/shinysprite]


Type: Dragon/Flying

HP: 95

Atk: 135

Def: 80

SpA: 110

SpDef: 80

Spe: 100

BST: 600

Based on the fierce European dragon


- Looks much tougher :P

- Is a better sweeper overall with more speed and more attack on both sides

- Intimidate helps with its physical defense somewhat

- Dragon Dancer is very fierce, and outclasses Dragonite's Dragon Dancing sweeperish sets

- Specsmence possesses OU's most powerful Draco Meteoring Pokemon

- Salamence is able to learn Wish to support its teammates (via event though)

- Shiny form actually looks decent for the most part

- Learns Fly naturally (for in-game purposes)

- Evolves earlier than Dragonite


- 4x weakness to Ice

- It's pre-evo had better defense

- Has a much smaller movepool than Dragonite

- Its role is usually locked into sweeping and stat distribution gives little room for other roles

- Can be quite predictable

- Can be nasty to its trainer and other Pokes

Vote which one you like and give a reason why.

I pick Dragonite out of personal preferences. Why? Because it is much friendlier, had a Dragonair in my old RBY versions (never got it to Dragonite stage unfortunately) and its support moves helped me a lot in battling. Salamence is cool, but I prefer old Dragonite.

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Dragonite. I raised that special extremespeed dratini you get in crystal to lvl 100.

Oh yeah. That guy. I wish Extremespeed was still a move for Dragonite in DPP. But that makes me wonder if they'll give something like that in HG/SS...

And Okami, your Alakazam is WAY too tough >:|

Mixnites are cool though :P

Now that I posted the shiny forms... sure Dragonite's color seems off, but it still looks cute! :(

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I said both because both because i use both Dragonite and Salamence. I have 2 in FR and i use them both for Flying and waterfall and i use Salamence in Emerald for Flying. They are both pretty useful in their own way but both have their fatal weaknesses. For example, they are double weak to ice types.. :/ On the other hand, they both have very different movepools. Well, I chose both. K bye. :P


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Dragonite.... well because he looks so cute and flaffy, :biggrin: also i never liked the look of Salemence, even if he's stronger, i just don't like him, i guess because he came from Hoenn, there are only a handful of Pokemon that i like from that region, plus Salemence sounds like Salami.

I think i prefer this sprite of Dragonite, :tongue: he looks WAY more bulkier.


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Type: Bug/Fighting

HP: 95

Atk: 135

Def: 80

SpA: 110

SpDef: 80

Spe: 100

BST: 600

Alright, this was taken from the first post. YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME! Salamence is Bug/Fighting type?

EDIT: I guess i'll choose Dragonite then cause Dragon Flying is better than Bug Fighting :kikkoman:

Jokes, I like Dragonite because it has better looks :)

EDIT 2: Fact - No-one who voted dislikes both Dragons

Fact 2 - No-one who voted preferred Shelgon over its evolution

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How did i miss this thread... :(

I prefer Dragonite over Salamence. People say Mence outclasses Nite. Pffft, only thing Mence does better is DD and Specs(both suck with a scarf). Also Dragonite is way more cooler looking. Just look at them when they were 1st introduced.


Also, what kind of Dragon loses to a penguin >.>

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