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Daily Activities in Sinnoh


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We’ve all got things to do daily in the region of Sinnoh in the pokemon world. So what are yours?

Mine include:

- Check honey trees, capture whatever is there to be put for trade on the GTS (Still Munchlax hunting), and reslather.

- Visit the house in the northeast corner of Snowpoint and get my daily trendy saying from the old man there

- Check the daily lottery number in the Jubilife TV Station

- Go to my villa in the Resort Area and check the TV, hope for a swarm of something I haven’t seen yet

- See the Berry Master in the corner house of Route 208 and get my daily berry

Visit the house in Veilstone (Beyond the Game Corner and just to the right, south of the Gym) to get my Pokemon’s daily massage

- Check the Pokemon Mansion and see if there is a new pokemon I have yet to see there.

- And if I need money, I’ll take a visit to Route 212 and VS Seeker the Solicatite and the Gentlemen couple and then go up near the Mansion and VS Seeker the Rich Boy and Lady couple. Each gives a nice sum of money, and I go back and forth between the two couples until none of the four show an interest in battling. Generally doing this will end me with at least $100,000.

So, what do you do daily in D/P/Pt?

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Nice thread :)

My daily Sinnoh routine were similar to Okami's when my pokedex wasn't complete yet. But now, since I have already completed my pokedex (493 seen and 493 caught), my Sinnoh routine activities are:

- Water the berry plants planted beside my Villa

- Go to Pastoria to collect a new random berry offered by the berry lady

- Visit Sandgem Town to check the daily swarm from Dawn's sister (i'm still waiting for Pinsir to swarm, 'though I get mine from GTS)

- Visit Jubilife City for the daily raffle :)

- Go to the Gym Leaders' Lounge in the Survival Area and have a battle with them

- Fight the E4 for levelling up my other pokemon

- Go back to route 229 to fight again and again the two trainers there (with Dusclops/Salamence & Mightyena/Kirlia) for levelling up other pokemon as well.

- Visit Battle Frontier and if i'm in the mood, try either the Castle or the Tower.

- Finally, go back again to my villa, water the berry plants and save the game.

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What will you do once you find the Munchlax, Dante? (I'm assuming you're using the calculator?)

And Mikel, my goodness, I forgot about that lady >.> I don't talk very often to people in towns xD; That's why I only just recently found the IV-Hidden Power guy lol

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Yeah, I'm using the calculator. (And hoping its right. =P)

Once I find Munchlax, I will immediately slather the tree after I catch it and hope I am lucky enough to have the percentages roll in my favor (like they should -.-) and have another Munchlax appear. After I catch it and evolve it into a Snorlax, I will have completed my Sinnoh Dex via capturing all Pokemon in that Dex without outside help.

AFTER that, I will finish up the Battle Frontier and obtain my final 4 prints. I dunno what will be on my to do list after that. Maybe finish Pal Parking over my complete Hoenn Dex? That will take months though if I don't change the internal clock.

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Yeah, I just checked the calculator myself, to find out that 2 or 3/4 of the trees given were trees I've regularly been slathering. Go figure -_-;

Final 4 prints, I'm assuming for Gold?

Good luck with transferring the Hoenn dex. I know Pal Park is a pain...

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Both for the Tower, and Gold/Color for the Hall and Factory. My game froze in my Factory challenge and I got a DQ, so I actually have to do all 49 battles.

As for Pal Parking, I REALLY wish someone would be able to find an AR code the would allow constant transfer. I can currently transfer around 42-50 a day before I get too bored to do any more, but I have the full Hoenn Dex including:

  • All 202 Hoenn Dex Pokemon.
  • All Hoenn Dex Pokemon with 4th generation gender differences.
  • The special Pokemon with battles initiated via overworld interaction. ie Kecleon, Voltorb, Electrode, Sudowoodo, Lugia, Ho-Oh, etc.

That might not be it, I really can't remember... Oh yeah, the 3 Johto Starters from Birch too. But with that many Pokemon, if I did 6 a day, HGSS would be out in the US before I was done. lol I could always do it in mass and get it done in like 4-5 days, but I'd be so sick of Pokemon for like a month afterward.

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Water berries that I have planted all around Sinnoh.

Do the fishing contest (On route 222).

Enter random Master ranked contests and fail all the time (is quite a pain).

Walk my cute pokemon.

Get a massage off the women in Veilstone and that massage place (where you need so many ribbons to get in).

Go to my house and see who the hell is in there today.

Maybe do some stuff in the Battle Frontier although I've only got the Castle left.

Try my luck at the lottery.

Do the swarm.

Train my lower levelled pokemon.

Breed (I've been doing this since I got to Solaceon).

I also walk everywhere (Don't use the bike, fly or sprinting). I swim if I needed to swim but that's not as much.

I also pretend that if I have Palkia, Giratina, Dialga, Azelf, Mesprit and Uxie in my party then loads of stuff will happen. But sadly it don't :(

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Well you all you already know, I'm quite a lazy person at times, so in a Pokemon game it depends in my progress, if i haven't finish the game:

-Balance the level of my party

-Level up Pokemon that need of leveling

-Evolve Pokemon that require

-Keep starter at least 10 levels higher then all the other

if i have completed everything except Pokedex:

-Spam Elite 4 until Pokemon i desire are Lv 100

-Go to routes where uncatched Pokemon lay

-Level up Pokemon that would increase my dex

If I'm bored i just:

-Create Poffins

-Feed desired Pokemon

-WIN WIN WIN in Pokemon Contest

Also very interesting thread, in my eyes it's quite original, i have came upon some like this. :biggrin:

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Another activity of mine I do now is great marsh, I'll catch random pokemon.

Also I'll do the seven star hotel and that dudes house where the top trainers are and your rival stands outside as though one day one of the people will let him in there.

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I don't play my Pearl very much now, but when I did, my daily routine went something like this:

- Turn on DS

- Run Pokemon Pearl

- Continue

- Go to Solaceon Town and see if I can show the guy Pokemon that I have for balls

- Bike around to try to hatch whatever egg is on me

- EV train something

- Underground exploration

- Battle Tower

- Plant berries randomly / Use Berry Checker to find berries

- Poffins

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Ok so ill split it up:

10Hrs to finish main storyline

4 for the Events in the Battle Aream

7 For each Building in the Battle Frontier for All gold

34 To get all Pokemon :o

11 To hatch them all and try for Perfect IVs (With fast hatch and instant egg code)

40+ to EV Them all

And about 10 for all the rest of the stuff i missed :D

This was ALOT of work

Altogether it took

106 Hrs Of Gameplay Legit

Post your Logs here too!

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There's already a topic like this, I think. So I merged it :/

My log for today:

- Shogun stays in front of the Pokemon Center

- Shogun stays in front of the Pokemon Center for another minute

- Shogun stays in front of the Pokemon Center for another minute

- Shogun stays-- *over 9000 minutes later*

- Shogun stays in front of the Pokemon Center for another minute

Seriously, I haven't started playing today, but I'm hoping to reach Hearthome (this is a new file I'm playing, I already backed up my main)

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i still need to win all the different battles at the battle frontier but im not doing that until i have nothing else to do.

1. munchlax hunting (i have it and snorlax but i want to find it)

2. collect free berries

3. collect ribbons until i get bored of that (daily or other)

4. ive got the full 493 but not all battle ready so i breed/level 1, 2 or 3 a day

5. beat the elite 4 (usually with low level poks for a challenge and the ribbons)

6. shiny hunt for a short time (i suck at this but im getting closer)

7. visit the battleground to battle whoever appears that day

8. 5-maid-knockout challenge at the mansion

9. lotto.... ive never won the big prize

10.visit the saying guy (didnt even remember this till i read it here, im now gonna start doing this)

11. battle anyone i find in the pokecenters

thats all i will do regularly, anything else i do when i feel like it

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